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Why has my payment failed?

This article describes the steps recommended when the card payment fails.

If an email stating there was a transactional error with your payment is received, it means that the bank didn't authorize it. This could happen for three main reasons, such as:

  • The card has insufficient funds.
  • The card has expired.
  • The billing details were entered incorrectly.
Important: Our system tells us when a card is declined but doesn't tell us why. Our online store processes with our Swiss bank, you may need to alert your credit card company.

What to do if the credit or debit card payment failed

  • Check that all of the following details are entered correctly:
    • Personal details, such as the cardholder’s name, billing address, ZIP code, and country. These details need to match the details the card issuer or bank has on file.
    • If a company credit card is used, ensure that the billing address used for the transaction matches the one of the company's credit card.
    • The card number and Card Verification Code (CVV).
  • Check if there is enough balance on the account
  • Check that the payment does not exceed the maximum amount allowed for a single charge.
  • Verify if there is a limit for online payments
  • Verify the credit card is not expired

Alternative solutions

  • Try using another credit card on Pix4D account app.
  • Contact the bank to understand the reason behind the payment failure

Restoring expired subscriptions

Once the cause of the payment failure is solved, activate a new subscription on the Pix4D subscription plans page.