How to select the GCP coordinate system when working on PIX4Dcloud


In order to get the best accuracy in the coordinate system transformations, our recommendation is to get the .prj file from and ensure that it contains the most precise TOWGS84 parameters.

For example, let's say that the GCPs are given in DHDN / 3-degree Gauss-kruger zone 4. What .prj file should be imported?

1. Go to and search for that coordinate system.


2. This particular coordinate system has four available transformations.



3. Select the most precise one which covers the area you are working on (in this case Germany, accuracy 1.0 m, code 15949 [grid]  )

4. Scroll down to the export section on that website, select Well Known Text as HTML and click Download.


5. The downloaded file can be used for the GCP definition on PIX4Dcloud Advanced or in PIX4Dmapper before uploading the project files.

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  • Scott Manning

    The problem is that I'm using Pix4D Cloud on a project in a local coordinate system.  I have the GCPs in local coordinates and I could easily find them on the images but I can't get that far; I'm asked so select a recognized coordinate system or upload a prj file.  I have a prj file for the local system but the Cloud won't accept it.  I hope there's a solution to this, my company purchased one month on the cloud so we could test the functionality; if there isn't a solution to this we will go with DroneDeploy

  • Alice (Pix4D)

    Hi Scott, by local coordinates do you refer to your own arbitrary coordinate system? Could you send us or copy the content of the prj file here? Arbitrary coordinate systems are not supported at the moment with the AutoGCPs detection functionality. Thanks

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