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Measurement tool 

The Measure tool is used to measure distances or areas. The measurements are temporary, which means that they are not saved or exported. Optionally, they can be saved as annotations, which are permanent and can be exported. 

Create measurements 

To create measurements:

  • marker.pngClick the Measure or Annotation tool.
  • Select one of the following markers:
    • distance.jpg Line: Shows the length (m/ft).
    • area.jpg Area: Shows the surface (ha).
  • Left-click to start the drawing of the object in the map view.
  • Click the check (check.png) to end the drawing.
  • (Measurements can be saved only as annotations) Enter a Title and Description and click CREATE.

Edit measurements

  • Click the annotation symbol center_on_marker.png
  • Find the annotation at the left bottom of the window. 
  • Select the annotation to edit 
  • Toggle on the Edit function (at the bottom right of the window).
  • Click the “plus” sign to create more corners or vertices.
  • To remove a vertex, drag the dot of the vertex you would like to delete on top of any other dot.
  • Wait until a red halo appears around the selected vertex then release the mouse button.
  • (For polygons) Move the whole polygon by clicking the multi-directional arrow in the center and dragging it.
Note: For more information about annotations: Annotate a layer

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