How to import and export Tie Points marks - PIX4Dmatic


If Tie Points are marked in PIX4Dmatic or PIX4Dmapper project they can be exported and imported into a PIX4Dmatic project. This way it is not needed to mark them in the images again.

Marks file structure

The text file with Tie Points marks needs to contain the following:

  • Image name,
  • Tie Point name,
  • image coordinate x,
  • image coordinate y,
  • accuracy (in pixels).
Information: The image coordinate system has as origin the upper left part of the image. Its axes are oriented as shown in the image below:

How to export marks in PIX4Dmatic

How to export marks in PIX4Dmapper

Important: The following settings need to be applied for a seamless import into PIX4Dmatic:
  • File format: PIX4D marks files (*.txt, *.csv).
  • Marks' Zoom Level - unselected.
  • Image Directory - Selected.
  • Data Delimiter - Comma.


    Select the Image Directory and Data Delimiter - Comma.

How to import marks in PIX4Dmatic

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