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Introduction to processing options

PIX4Dreact now has processing options to help reduce the size (number of megabytes) of the orthomosaic and to reduce processing times.


PIX4Dreact processing options.

Minimum ground sampling distance

The minimum ground sampling distance is a measure for pixel length, expressed in centimeters or inches per pixel.  The lower the GSD, the higher the spatial resolution.  Higher resolutions will result in larger file sizes.  For example, a GSD of 5 cm can be understood that one pixel in the image represents 5 cm on the ground (5*5 = 25 square centimeters).

Maximum total megapixels

The maximum total megapixels (MP) is a measure for spatial resolution. The more MP, the higher the spatial resolution of an image.  Higher resolutions will result in larger file sizes. 

GPU acceleration

The GPU acceleration utilizes the GPU to reduce processing times. If the GPU acceleration is disabled, the CPU is only used for processing.  The chart below visualizes the increased processing speeds. 


Animation showing a comparison on processing time:


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  • Marrio eesa

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