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PIX4Dreact tools

PIX4Dreact allows you to add markers and take measurements on the orthomosaic.

1. select.png The Move tool is used to pan the map by either clicking the right or the left mouse button.

2. focus_on_gps_position.jpg The GPS tool is a temporary annotation which shows the coordinates of an object and can be optionally saved as a marker in the map.

3. measurement_unit.png The Measure tool is used to measure distances or areas. The measurements are temporary, which means that they are not saved or exported. Optionally, they can be saved as markers, which are permanent and can be exported. 

4. marker.png The Mark tool is used to place markers which are automatically saved in the map. The following markers are available:

  • circle_small.jpg Point: Shows the GPS coordinates.
  • distance.jpg Line: Shows the length (m/ft).
  • area.jpg Area: Shows the surface (ha).

Create measurements and markers

To create measurements or markers:

  • Click Measure or Mark.
  • Left-click to start the drawing of the object in the map view.
  • Click the check (check.png) to end the drawing.
  • (mark tool only) Enter a title for the marker and click SAVE.
create_measurements.jpg create_marker.jpg
Create measurements Create markers


Note: The visibility of markers on the map can be adjusted in three ways:
  • annotation.png Markers & titles.
  • marker.png Markers (without titles).
  • marker_off-16.png No markers.

Edit measurements and markers

Edit measurements

  • Click the plus (+) to split the line into two segments.
  • To remove the vertices, drag the ones you would like to delete on top of any neighboring vertex. Wait until the red halo appears around the selected vertex, then release the mouse button.
  • To edit the vertices, click on them and move them in the desired direction.
remove_vertices.jpg edit_measurement.jpg
Remove vertices Edit vertices


Edit markers

  • Find the marker name on the panel to the right and zoom on the marker by clicking  center_on_marker.png.
  • Edit the marker by clicking  edit.jpg.
  • A pop-up of the selected marker will open and provide three functions:
    1. Change title: Renames the marker.
    2. Delete marker: Removes the marker.
    3. Edit geometry: Modifies the marker by following the same steps as described in section Edit measurements. Click the check (check.png) to end the editing.
edit_marker1.jpg edit_marker2.jpg
Edit markers (I) Edit markers (II)
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