Getting started

Trial, sign up and login - PIX4Dreact

How to get a trial of PIX4Dreact

Both new and existing PIX4D accounts are eligible for a 15-day free subscription to PIX4Dreact.
A PIX4Dreact trial begins when you log in to PIX4Dreact for the first time.

Sign up

To create a Pix4D user account:

1. Go to the sign up page.
2. Complete the sign up form.


3. Review and accept the Terms Of Service, and Software EULA.
4. Review and accept the Privacy Policy.
5. Click Continue.
6. Review the Privacy Settings.
7. Click Save.

Important: When the sign up is completed, click the activate account button in the email sent to the selected email address and start using Pix4D products.

To obtain the installer, visit the Download software page. Log in with the dedicated account to access the page. To read how to install PIX4Dfields: Download and Installation - PIX4Dfields.


In order to log in to PIX4Dreact:

1. Double-click the PIX4Dreact shortcut created on the desktop. The first time the software opens, the License agreement window appears.
2. Read and accept the Pix4D Customers General Terms and Conditions to continue. Click NEXT.
3. Type the Email Address and Password of the PIX4D account and click LOGIN.


4. (first-time login) An automatic 15-days free subscription will be generated for use.

5. Select the license.
6. Click NEXT.

PIX4Dreact is now ready to be used.

Note: Click Forgot password to reset the PIX4D account password. Click Sign up here to create a new PIX4D account.
Note: If you have issues while logging in to PIX4Dreact trial license visit: Failed to authenticate - PIX4Dreact. If need assistance deactivating a device, contact our PIX4D technical support team.
Language settings

PIX4Dreact is currently available in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, Korean, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian. Further language options will be available shortly.