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Pix4Dsurvey allows you to vectorize point clouds made with Pix4Dmapper, laser scanners, LiDAR or other third-party tools and to assign the objects to layers.

GIF animation of vectorization of point clouds in Pix4Dsuvey, catenary and building

Vectorization tools in Pix4Dsurvey

The following tools are available:

  • Pix4Dsurvey_select_tool_icon.png Select.
  • Pix4Dsurvey_marker_icon.png Marker.
  • Pix4Dsurvey_polyline_icon.png Polyline.
  • Pix4Dsurvey_polygon_icon.png Polygon.
  • Pix4Dsurvey_catenary_icon.png Catenary.

How to use vectorization tools in Pix4Dsurvey

To use the vectorization tools:

  • Select the tool in the tool bar.
  • Left-click on the point in the 3D view to start the vectorization or to add vertices to the object.
    Note: When clicking in the 3D view, a point needs to be detected in order for the vectorization tool to work and to create a new vertex. We recommend increasing the Point size in the Point cloud settings menu when digitizing sparse point clouds.
  • Right-click or press Enter to end the vectorization.
  • Press the Esc key to cancel the vectorization. 
Tip: It is possible to reverse the last actions using the Undo (Ctrl + Z) and Redo (Ctrl + Y) functions.

Vectorization tools specifics:

  • Select: Left-click on the object to select it. Right-click on the object to move it to another layer, access properties or delete it. 
  • Marker: Click on a point in the 3D view to create a marker.
  • Polyline: Minimum two points need to be clicked in the 3D view.
  • Polygon: Minimum three points need to be clicked in the 3D view to define a polygon.
  • Catenary: For vectorization of freely hanging power lines, chains and ropes. Minimum three points need to be clicked in the 3D view.
    Tip: The order of the clicks is not important. The mathematical line that represents the catenary curve will be calculated based on all clicked points.
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