Important: Pix4Dsurvey is currently available in a closed beta version. For more information see Pix4Dsurvey beta program.


Pix4Dsurvey allows the import of Pix4Dmapper projects, as well as external point clouds.

Extension Description
.p4d Pix4Dmapper project file
Created with Pix4Dmapper version 3.0.17 and higher
.p4s Pix4Dsurvey project file
.las, .laz Point clouds made with Pix4Dmapper, laser scanners, LiDAR or other third-party tools
Version 1.2 and lower
Information: When importing external point clouds, such as laser scanner or LiDAR, the coordinate system needs to be:
  • Written directly in the .las or .laz file.
  • When importing multiple projects or files, all coordinate systems must match.
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