Getting started

Video tutorials - PIX4Dfields

PIX4Dfields 1.12 - Beginner tutorials.

1- Introduction to the dashboard

2- Creating and processing a project

3- Field boundaries

4- Vegetation indices

5- Zonation and prescriptions

6- Annotations and comparison tools

7- Exporting and sharing layers

8- Your camera is not supported at this time

9- Magic tool

PIX4Dfields advanced tutorials.

Green on Brown Spot Spraying - Mapping fallow weeds with PIX4Dfields

How to upload your application map to John Deere Operations Center

Prescription maps for Variable Rate Applications

High Definition digital surface models

How to create RTK boundaries

Spot spraying prescription maps for DJI Agras, XAG and Tractors

PIX4Dfields In-Field tutorials.

BYOD-Bring your own drone

How to use a DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral

How to plan a great flight

How to use the Mavic 3 Multispectral

How to calibrate drone cameras for mapping crops

How to map your crop in minutes

PIX4Dfields trial plot operations

Spot spraying with PIX4Dfields