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Where is Data sync feature available?

It is possible to use the Data sync feature to synchronize projects between either device using Pix4Dfields (PC users) and/or ParrotFields (tablet users) using the same account. The feature is available from Pix4Dfields 1.5 and above, and ParrotFields 1.0 and above.

How to turn on and off Data sync?

1. Click/tap the SETTINGS icon on Pix4Dfields (on the PC) or ParrotFields (on the tablet).
2. In the DATA HANDLING section.
3. Go to Synchronization and toggle the button to the right (activate) or left (deactivate).

When does Pix4Dfields synchronize my data? Does it happen automatically?

Data synchronization does not happen automatically. When enabled, a project or group of projects can be synchronized from the dashboard view. To do this click/tap the Upload cloud icon or Download cloud icon beside the project tile or project group. To update only the project metadata, click/tap the refresh dashboard icon in the top right corner of the dashboard.

Note that every time you upload or download a project or its metadata, all project metadata will be synchronized. Project files (e.g. orthomosaic, field boundaries, zonation) must be synchronized on a project by project basis.

Where can I synchronize a project?

To synchronize a project, select the menu icon of the project that you want to synchronize. The PROJECT SETTINGS will be displayed. Click/tap on Synchronize.

Can I delete all my data from the Data sync storage?

The projects have to be deleted one by one following the instructions in this article. A project can be deleted either locally on this device or permanently across all devices when synchronized.

What happens if I synchronize a project onto two or more devices at the same time?

When a project with the same name is synchronized onto two or more devices at the same time. The project will be duplicated on all the devices.

What happens if I modify or delete a project between synchronization when using multiple devices?

If the deletion of the project from device one occurred before the modification on device two, the modified project will be restored on device one when synchronized.

If the deletion of the project from device one occurred after the modification on device two, the modified project will be deleted on device two when synchronized.

If you modify a project on device one and modify a project on device two before synchronization, both modifications will be added to the project on both devices when synchronized.

Is it possible to buy more seats for Data sync?

Pix4Dfields by default is provided with a floating license and one seat.  This allows you to login/logout of any supported device when connected to the internet. If you are a customer of ParrotFields your projects can be synchronized between devices connected to both your ParrotFields and Pix4Dfields account. For more information about Pix4Dfields licensing and the purchase of additional seats, please contact Sales by filling out the following form.

Where is my data stored?

All the project data is stored locally on your device in the selected projects folder(s). When using Data sync, the project data is synchronized with the cloud database and stored in Pix4D's designated cloud storage. This database is not accessible to users or used other than for the purpose of storage and synchronization of your project data.

What is excluded from synchronization?

For now, video annotations, a feature of ParrotFields, are excluded from data sync. They can only be viewed locally on the tablet device.  If you synchronize a project with a video annotation it will appear as an unavailable attachment on the project when viewed on a different device.

Will Pix4D sell the data I upload? Will they use it in any another way?

Pix4D does not sell or rent personal data to marketers or unaffiliated third parties. We will solely process this information to understand your needs and provide you with the Services.  Please read, all the clarifications in our terms and policies page.

When can I synchronize my projects?

A project can be synchronized between devices on the same account only. An account is defined as a user's login credentials.

Can I use synchronization only when I am connected to the internet?

An active internet connection is required to synchronize any project. Given projects can contain large amounts of data a strong internet connection is suggested. Whilst it is possible to use a mobile internet connection, a wired or wireless network is recommended.  If your internet connection is disrupted, a project upload/download will be paused until the connection is restored.

Can I see my projects on the cloud?

For now, you cannot see your synchronized projects in the Pix4Dfields cloud. Your data is available to be synchronized between desktop to desktop only.  ParrotFields users can in addition synchronize their data between their tablet and desktop devices.

What if I am part of an organization and have multiple Pix4Dfields licenses?

Data sync is currently only possible between devices using the same credentials (i.e. email address associated with the license). If you want to share your data between different devices either use the same account to log in and out of the device, or add additional seats to your account by contacting our sales team by filling out the following form. If you want to share your projects with a second account, you can export your project data. In this last case, changes done on one account will not be applied to the other account.

Can I revert changes after I sync?

Every change is automatically saved on Pix4Dfields and can not be undone. The deletion of a locally deleted project is the only process that can be reverted. If you select to delete permanently, this process will take effect across all synchronized devices and is irreversible.

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