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How to compare two datasets

1. On PIX4Dcloud Advanced, open a Site.

  • The Compare mode is only accessible from a dataset already assigned to a Site. Read How to assign a dataset to a site.
  • Only two projects belonging to the same Site can be compared.

2. Select a dataset in the timeline.
3. On the upper bar, next to the project timeline, click Compare. The Compare mode will be activated.
4. The dataset selected at step 2 appears as the dataset icon_2.png by default. Choose the dataset icon_1.png by clicking calendar.png and select the date of interest. Only days for which a dataset is present can be selected. If more datasets are available for one day, the capture time can be specified.


Note: In Compare mode, the generated 2D outputs (orthomosaic and DSM) and the imported CAD Overlay files can be compared.

5. When the two datasets of the comparison are selected, both appear in the 2D view of the Compare mode, split with a slider. Move the slider from right to left or up and down, depending on the Split mode, in order to compare the results of one day with the results of another. Zoom in/out and pan the image to see the map in more detail.


6. (Optional) Change the dataset icon_1.png or dataset icon_2.png by selecting a different date via the date picker.
7. To exit the Compare mode and return to the main page, on the upper bar click Exit compare mode.

Note: Two view modes are available: vertical vertical_split_mode.png (default) or horizontal split_mode.png. Switching views is possible at any time, clicking the corresponding mode icons.
Tip: The accuracy of the 2D Comparison depends on the absolute accuracy of the outputs. Using GCPs or RTK drones improves the absolute accuracy of the results.

How to share the 2D comparison

While in Compare mode, share the comparison with the project's stakeholders by clicking Share at the top right of the window. Copy-paste the link to directly share the compared datasets. Collaborators can change the dataset icon_1.png or dataset icon_2.png to other datasets available in the same Site for further comparisons.

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