Pix4Dfields Home screen


The Home screen is the first screen that appears when opening the application. It is the starting point to create new projects and to open existing projects.


It contains:

General aspects of the dashboard and example datasets

Settings menu:

Help and resources:

Refresh the dashboard
Organize all projects:

Individual project settings

General aspects of the dashboard

After login, the dashboard is the first screen that appears when opening Pix4Dfields, and lists all the projects that have been created.


Example demo datasets are located under EXAMPLES.


Note: For more information: Examples projects for Pix4Dfields.

Settings menu settings.jpg

On the dashboard, click the SETTINGS to see the App settings, Data handling, ACCOUNT, and MORE options. 

App settings


  • (optional) The Units of the project can be modified by selecting the Metric or Imperial units.
  • (optional) Click on Language to change the language of the application.
Note: For more information: How to set your language.
  • (optional) Pix4Dfields allows the user to use its default basemap and to add a different basemap by connecting to a tile service.
Note: For more information: Custom basemaps.

Data handling 


  • Projects can be synchronized when sync is toggle on. To temporarily disable data synchronization, toggle off Synchronization. For more information: Data sync.
  • Click on Data storage folder to see where the files are being stored.
  • Click on the Camera parameters file to process cameras that are not in Pix4Dfields database. For more information: User-provided camera parameter file for Pix4Dfields.



  • Links to access the Manage Account, Licenses are available.
  • Click Log out to exit Pix4Dfields.



  • Links to access the TERMS OF USE, and PRIVACY POLICY is available.
  • Click ACKNOWLEDGMENTS to check the open-source technologies which Pix4Dfields uses.

Help and resources help-outline.png

What does the help and resources buttons show?


  • Click HELP AND RESOURCES at the top right of the window.
  •  Information about Pix4Dfields appears as well as the used VERSION of the software.
  • (optional) On LEARN MORE links to video tutorials, webinars, community, knowledgebase, and contact support are available.

Refresh the dashboard sync.jpg

  • Click on the refresh icon, to synchronize all the projects. All about data sync: here
Note: Data sync and Pix4Dfields cloud are two different functionalities. Data sync allows you to share data between multiple devices. Pix4Dfields cloud enables you to process your images on the cloud after importing them using the cloud web uploader. For more information about Pix4Dfields cloud: here.

Organize all projects

To organize projects based on crop information or project structure


  1. Select ALL projects at the top right of the window.
  2. Click Farms, Clients, Organizations, Crop types, or Crop varieties to organize a project.
  3. The projects will be grouped depending on the category that has been chosen.

To organize projects based on date or name


  1. Click Sort by modification date, Sort by modification date (reversed), Sort by name, or Sort by name (reversed) at the top right of the window.
  2. The projects will be grouped depending on the category that has been chosen.

Individual project settings

What does the project settings show?

  1. Click the project menu at the bottom right of the project.
  2. A sidebar opens, to display information about the project which can be edited to include name, description, crop information, project structure, and data handling.


Note: For more information: Individual project settings
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