How does Data synchronization work in Pix4Dfields?

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Introduction to Data sync

Data sync allows users to share data across multiple devices using Pix4Dfields with multiple devices or using Pix4Dfields and ParrotFields (part of the Parrot Bluegrass Fields bundle).

Note: Data sync differs from using Pix4Dcloud to share Pix4Dfields results. Data sync allows you to share data between multiple devices. Pix4Dcloud allows you to upload images for processing or to upload local results. For more information about how to process or share results on Pix4Dcloud: New dataset.

How to turn on Data sync?

Click/tap the SETTINGS button on Pix4Dfields (on the PC) and ParrotFields (on the tablet), and activate Synchronization.

How to refresh the dashboard

Data sync enables a user of Pix4Dfields to update their project information regardless of which device it was last edited.  This guide describes the process to refresh the dashboard and load the metadata of the latest projects into the dashboard across multiple platforms. A detailed guide is provided here.

How to synchronize projects

Synchronizing projects enables the possibility to create, edit or delete a project on one device and synchronize this information with another device using the same account. A detailed guide is provided here.

How to delete projects

A project can be deleted either locally or permanently across all devices, details of how to do this can be found here.

Data sync frequently asked questions

A list of the frequently asked questions about Data sync can be found here.

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