Pix4D installation for computer lab

Note: This page describes how to setup Pix4D in a computer lab so that students are not required to sign in when using Pix4D.

Check with the IT department to have them do the following.

  1. While the PC is in a thawed state, open up task scheduler and create a task.
  2. Set the account to use when running the task as the "Users" group
  3. Set a trigger for the task to be run whenever a user logs in to the workstation.
  4. Set the command to be run
    • Browse for pix4dmapper.exe which should end up similar to: "C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\pix4dmapper.exe" including quotations.
  5. Then add the following command line arguments in the Program/script box:
    • -c --email <email> --password <password>
  6. The final result should be a an entry in the Program/script box that looks similar to:
    • "C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\pix4dmapper.exe" -c --email <email> --password <password>
Note: Substitute <email> and <password> with the Pix4D account information

This procedure creates a task to log in to Pix4D which should run every time any user logs in. The task file containing the account user and password itself is protected and unreadable unless a user has local machine admin privileges.

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  • Babu Madhavan

    Dear Team ,

     I have following error kindly rectify

  • Beata (Pix4D)


    Could you tell me which version of Pix4Dmapper you are trying to install and uninstall?

    How to uninstall the software

    First of all please make sure Pix4Dmapper is not open.

    1. Find the path where Pix4Dmapper is installed: C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper and DELETE this Pix4Dmapper folder 
    2. Find the following path: C:\Users\pix4d\AppData\Local\pix4d DELETE this pix4d folder 
    3. Find the path C:\Users\pix4d\Documents\pix4dmapper DELETE this Pix4Dmapper folder 
    4. On the search bar type: regedit and then search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pix4d and DELETE this one as well.

    Could you please give it a try and let us know how it is going. We will be more than glad to help.


  • Babu Madhavan

    I have install latest software uninstall is 4.3.31

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Babu,

    So, if my understanding is correct, you could solve your issue here?


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