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Can PIX4Dmapper use dual CPU?

PIX4Dmapper can fully utilize a single CPU per instance of the application. On systems with more than one CPU, a second project can be processed at the same to take advantage of the second CPU. This could be particularly useful with large datasets that require merging. In this scenario, two subprojects could be processed through step 1 simultaneously to save time.

What is more important CPU clock speed or number of cores?

Both CPU speed and core count are important factors that can impact significantly on total processing time. Refer to Recommended hardware for more information about which CPUs perform well with PIX4Dmapper.

Which CPU to buy?

The CPU has the greatest impact on reducing overall processing time for large and small projects. Check the Hardware and Pix4D article for more information on selecting computer components for processing with PIX4Dmapper

Can PIX4Dmapper use dual GPU?

PIX4Dmapper does not utilize multiple GPUs for processing. There is a marginal benefit to having dual GPU on a system designed for PIX4Dmapper. Any benefit is due to the fact that the work of driving displays can be offset to the second GPU. This has minimal impact on overall processing time and the cost of the additional GPU would be better spent on purchasing a better CPU.

Which GPU cards are supported?

GPU processing requires CUDA cores which is only available on NVIDIA cards.

How much RAM to install?

Refer to our hardware support articles for estimates of how much RAM is recommended for various dataset sizes. More RAM can enable you to process larger datasets but can also help improve processing speeds in some cases. The determining factor of how much RAM is required is the number of images, image resolution, processing options, and budget.


For more information check the master hardware article HERE

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  • Land Survey

    You note that multiple GPUs are not utilised during processing. 
    In the event of running multiple projects in parallel, will GPUs be separately assigned to each project, as is the case with multiple CPUs?

  • Holden (Pix4D)

    This is not something we have tested so I can't give you an official answer but since you can select which GPU Pix4D uses for processing it may work. Parallel processing though is not a recommended workflow and may result in system instability. 

  • Chandramouli Arunachalam


    I need your support/ suggestion on Hardware requirements with respect to Laptops.

    I am willing to buy a laptop with the below configuration. 

               Processor - i7 10875H (8 cores and 16 threads)

               Graphics - Nvidia RTX 2080 super Mobile graphic card

               Ram- 64gb

               Storage- 2Tb SSd 


    Will this configuration be sufficient to Run/ Process at least of 4000 images minimum. Kingly give me a suggestion on this.



  • Holden (Pix4D)

    Hi there. 64GB may be on the low side for 4000 images but may be possible with lower processing settings. It may a good idea to have the ability to install more RAM later if you find that 64GB is not enough. Other components seem fine. 

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