Spot Spraying with PIX4Dfields

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Information: The following article describes a workflow of how to do spot spraying using PIX4Dfields features. The workflow can also be used to create a granular application or seeding application. The workflow uses DJI AGRAS Spraying Rx as an example. However, this can also be applied to other drones as soon as they support our output format (.zip).
Tip:  The following video explains step by step how to use PIX4Dfields to generate maps for spot spraying applications.  
  1. Fly the field with the drone of choice at desired crop stage or to capture current issues in the field.
  2. Login to PIX4Dfields. For more information: PIX4Dfields login.
  3. Click on New Project Add.jpg.
  4. Click on Import images or Import folder.
  5. Select the Processing Options depending on your dataset. For more information: Advance processing options in PIX4Dfields.
  6. Click Apply. 
  7. Click Start processing.
  8. When complete, if no field boundary is already loaded, import, or draw one around the current crop area. For more information: How to create field boundaries in PIX4Dfields.
  9. Using the imported boundary, trim the orthomosaic. See: How to create field boundaries in PIX4Dfields.
  10. Trim an orthomosaic using a field boundary.

    Trim an orthomosaic using a field boundary.jpg

    Trim an orthomosaic using a field boundary.

  11. Select an available index or use the index calculator to use a custom index. For more information: How to generate a vegetation index in PIX4Dfields.
  12. Click Generate.
  13. Load desired index (such as NDVI)> click on Visual histogram.jpg
  14. Use the advanced layer visualization tool to find the AOI by changing range, transparency, and color mode. See How to use advanced layer visualization in PIX4Dfields.

    PIX4Dfields- Advance layer visualization

    Identify AOI using the advanced layer visualization tool.

  15. Once desired areas of fields are isolated, switch to annotations annotations.jpg
  16. Draw polygons around areas of issues that are targeted for spraying with the product. See: How to use annotations in PIX4Dfields. Trial plot operations
    Tip: Avoid sharp corners and no overlapping boundaries. Use as few vertices as possible.


    Not recommended shapes


    Recommended shapes

  17. Once complete, click on EXIT.jpg ANNOTATE and click on Export.


    Export AOI as a .shp

  18. Clickannotations.jpgAnnotations> Select Shapefile (.zip) as format.
  19. Click Export.
  20. Once the shapefile is exported to a zipped folder, then insert a micro-SD card. Create a new folder called “dji” and inside of it, another called “shapefile”.
  21. Unzip the exported folder onto the root of the USB ROOT/DJI/shapefile/.


    Add a PIX4Dfields shp to an SDcard.

  22. Remove the USB, insert it into the DJI controller. Power on the controller.
  23. Click on the SD Card, choose “boundaries”.


    Insert USB/SDcard into DJI controller


    Select the boundaries created on PIX4Dfields

  24. Select the proper area to target spraying and click Invoke.

    DJI controller and annotations

    Select area to spray.

  25. Set desired flight parameters, load desired product, and apply to field zones. 
Note: If you would like to share some feedback about this workflow, contact us through our Pix4D Technical support team or our community.

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