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This article describes the different methods of managing PIX4Dfields projects and outputs.

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Export a PIX4Dfields project (.p4f)

Tip: This method describes how to transfer a complete PIX4Dfields project from one device to another. This method is also recommended in order to back up a project. 
  1. Open a PIX4Dfields project.
  2. Click on Export.
  3. Click on Project.
  4. Select the folder where to save the project> click Select folder.
  5. Inside the selected folder (root folder) there will be 3 files:
    • Data folder
    • .p4f
    • snapshot.png
Tip: To share a PIX4Dfields project and open it on another device, share the root folder as a .zip file. See the video below.

Import a PIX4Dfields project (.p4f)

The data folder, .p4f, and snapshot.png are required to import a PIX4Dfields project.

Important: Collaborators need to own a PIX4Dfields license to be able to import a PIX4Dfields project.
    1. Download the folder that contains the .p4f file.
    2. Log in to PIX4Dfields
    3. Close PIX4Dfields (stayed login)
    4. Double click on the .p4f file
    5. A message Confirm to import project appears, click Continue
    6. The project is ready to use in the new device. 
Tip: The following video shows how to export a PIX4Dfields project, and how to import it to another device.


Share outputs using PIX4Dcloud

With a PIX4Dfields license, it is possible to upload outputs to PIX4Dcloud directly from PIX4Dfields. For more information: Share to Cloud - PIX4Dfields.

Important: Collaborators do not need to own a PIX4D license to be able to access the shared links.

Export PIX4Dfields outputs to use them on third-party software

PIX4Dfields generates outputs that can be exported for use outside the software. See PIX4Dfields outputs and their formats here: PIX4Dfields inputs and outputs.

Warning:  The export functionality is available only for commercial licenses. During the trial period is not possible to export the results of PIX4Dfields. For more information about commercial licenses, contact our sales team here.
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