How to be part of our Community

Pix4D's community users can create new posts, edit their profile and check their activities.

Create an account

1. Create a Pix4D user account following the steps: Sign up to Pix4D. A 15 days Trial license is automatically created under the account.
2. Log in on our Support site
3. Click Community

Note: Community posts can be viewed without logging in.
Note: Pix4D Resellers and Pix4D Certified users can have a Pix4D Offical Badge. To show it, contact Support.

Edit your profile

  1. Click User name in the upper right corner and select My profile
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Fill the form


Create a post

  1. To create a new post click +New post
  2. Fill the form

A Pix4D account allows the user to publish a post on the community in the following sections:

  • Important communication
  • User Space
  • Image acquisition
  • Processing
  • Pix4D Cloud web platform
  • Hall of fame
  • Product feeback
  • Pix4D en Español


Check your activity

Posts, comments and followed user can be view in My activities page.


Important: Pix4D owns the Community website and can edit and/or delete user posts and comments at any time to ensure a structured, well-organized Community. Pix4D also retains the right to revoke the Community badges at any point.
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