Interrupt a mission

Be aware and keep in mind that Pix4Dcapture is acting as a third-party application.

If an unexpected behavior happens during the flight, you can take over manual control of the drone at any time. It will interrupt the mission and the drone will hover if:

  • (DJI drones) Changing flight modes. Switch the controller button from autopilot to manual mode.
  • (Parrot drones) Moving the remote controller's joysticks.

Fail-safe procedures can also be triggered to make the drone return to the homepoint and land by:

  • Tapping ABORT in Pix4Dcapture.
  • Tapping the return-to-home (RTH) button on the remote controller.
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  • Frederico Giannetti


    During my last flight I've got a problem that made white my few hairs.

    I lose connection with the drone (P4 advanced) because of too much trees between the drone and controller I suppose. So, instead the drone automatically and immediately return-to-home (as occurs when I use DJI apps), it finish the mission and them returned (after 20min, because it was a multiple batteries mission).

    May you insert a function that we can choose what happens when we loose the drone's signal?

    Thank you.

  • Kapil (Pix4D)


    Thank you for your suggestion and feedback. However, the Phantom 4 Advanced is not supported/tested by the Pix4Dcapture app. You can find the list of supported drones and cameras here.

  • 九日 士心

    if the mission is interrupted, the flight mode of mavic 2 pro is changed to S or T?

    Thank you.

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