Pix4Dcapture guide to troubleshoot issues

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  • Helmuth Wiesinger

    Hi Gael,

    I was able to test your suggestion with a mobile phone in flight mode after uploading the mission to the drone and before starting the mission. That works well and is definitely a useful solution to avoid beeing interrupted by incoming calls.

    Best reards,

  • Jean-Marc Temmos


    j'utilise un phantom 4PROV2

    lors de certaines missions avec pix4dcapture, dans un seul sens, le drone avance par acoup et prend de multiples photos, il y a une perte de temps énorme et il ne peut terminer la mission

    dans l'autre sens tout se passe bien.

    ce problème est aléatoire, le même jour, pour la mission juste à coté, aucun problème (cela ne provient donc pas d'un problème de liaison, de météo, de GPS...)

    le drone clignote rapidement au niveau de la led verte : freinage!!! (c'est effectivement ce qu'il fait)

    tous les logiciels sont à jour


    Informations complémentaires:

    - j'utilise android 7.0
    - firmware drone, console et tablette à jour
    - quand le problème se produit, si j'interromps la mission puis que je reprends la même, le phénomène se reproduit
    - il se produit aussi dans d'autres missions (de façon aléatoire) et tout à coup ne se produit plus du tout


    Merci par avance



    Edited by Jean-Marc Temmos
  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Bonjour Jean-Marc,

    Utilisez vous la version Android ou iOS de Pix4Dcapture?
    Le Firmware de votre drone est-il à jour?

    Ce problème ne nous a pas été reporté pour le moment. Dans un premier temps, je vous recommande:
    - D'effectuer les étapes de notre article de troubleshooting. Si celui-ci est correctement suivi, il permet de résoudre la plupart des problèmes qui peuvent être rencontrés par les utilisateurs.
    - D'interrompre la mission si un comportement innatendu advient durant celle-ci.

    Est-ce que vous avez pu reproduire le problème dans des conditions similaires?


  • Roberto Castaneda

    Hi, I have a DJI Phantom 4 pro + drone which includes a remote control with a screen, however, at first I was struggling to install the pix 4d capture app, and now that I have been able to installed it together with the Ctrl+DJI app, it doesn't connect with the drone and I cannot start the flight.

    Do you know how I can solve this problem, or is it that the app is not compatible with the remote control with a screen?

    Thank you!

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Roberto, 

    We do not officially support the Phantom 4 Pro+ with the integrated screen. 
    However, there are two cases:
    - If you own the P4P+ V2, then the drone is not compatible at all with our application.
    - If you own the P4P+ V1, there is a workaround you can try to make it work but we can not make any guarantee about it.

    You can get the latest APKs from this support page.


    Edited by Gaël (Pix4D)
  • Roberto Castaneda

    Thanks a lot I will try that!

    Then, Which drone do you recommend to use pix4d Capture? Mavic air, mavic pro or mavic pro 2? I would like to buy one of those but, the prices are very different and I want one that can work well with your app

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Roberto, 

    Thank you for using our application to fly drones! You can find the list of the supported drones and cameras here. We usually don't recommend any drone in particular. It will depend on your budget, application... However, I will not recommend the DJI Mavic Pro 1 with our application as several issues were raised in the past with that drone using pix4Dcapture.


  • Avano Chan

    I have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with a smart controller. I have installed Pix4Dcapture as well as Mapbox in the smart controller.

    However, the smart controller fails to display the Basemap. I am pretty sure everything is in the latest version.

    I wonder what should I do to tackle this problem. Many thanks. 

  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hi Avano, 

    The DJI smart controller is not supported by the Pix4Dcapture at this time. That is the reason you are having an issue with it. 


  • Neil Lassettre


    I use a P4 drone and have flown dozens of missions using my iPhone 6 with pix4Dcapture. I am about to get an iPad mini (WiFi and cellular capabilities). If i download the pix4Dcapture app on my new iPad mini will all of my flights/missions still be accessible? I will be transferring my original (iPhone) phone number to the new iPad mini if that helps. 

    Basically i just want to make sure i can still repeat (have access to) my same missions when i start flying my drone with this new tablet.


  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hi Neil, 

    The missions are not synchronized to the cloud. They are saved in the memory of your device in which the app is installed. So, in your case, if you download the Pix4dcapture app on a new iPad, there will be no mission in it. 


  • Consultas Generales


    Su ayuda por favor con lo siguiente: He programado una misión de vuelo en mi tablet con exito. Seguidamente,  he tratado de abrir la misión creada anteriormente en mi celular para ejecutar el vuelo, pero en el teléfono no aparece la misión creada en la tablet.

    Sus comentarios por favor.


    Edgardo Prado.




  • clay sampson

    Hey there I have the parrot bluegrass and I can't find information after I scout a field. It isn't showing up on the sd card as well. I am using a Mac book air? Any suggestions into trying figure this out 

  • Kapil (Pix4D)


    You should be able to see the images in the SD card of the drone. If it is not recorded on the SD card then there should either an issue with the SD card or in the process of saving the image on the SD card. As a first step, I would suggest you go through all the basic checks and troubleshooting steps as it will solve most of the issues that can be encountered if properly followed. If not, I would recommend you to use the different SD card.


  • Lennart Persson


    After your latest update of the Mapper-app the time of a mission in slowest speed has been tenfold!?!
    For example; mission in Simple Grid, 80 x 70 meters in seconds slowest speed: 12 minutes.
    Same mission in slowest speed: 131 minutes!?!

    Best Regards

  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hi Lennart, 

    After the recent release of iOS version 4.9.0 of Pix4Dcapture app, the lowest speed of the drone was changed. For more information, I would suggest you to go through our (iOS) Pix4Dcapture release notes. I would suggest you increase the drone speed using the setting. 

  • Adam Sjölund


    I am flying DJI Inspire 2 with X4S camera and an Ipad (IOS).

    I did a 5km flight over the road, 6 flights total. I have two big gaps on the way, missing around 400 images and didn't find any answear why that happened.

    It wasn't my first flight, but it didn't happen before.

    Everything seemed to be perfectly fine and normal during flights, no error or loss of connection appeard. Everything was updated, working as usual, camera calibrated etc.

    I was in the fast mode as usual, no tree areas where the images are missing.

    The only thing I can think of that could go wrong is that in the Camera View in the right corner where I can see the flight I lost connection for a little bit, meaning that the view got stuck for few seconds don't know how much exactly but could be 10-20 and then it got back to normal.

    The drone was flying the path normally, I could see the camera icons on the screen and didn't get any info about loosing connection.

    Could I also make a mistake by drawing one big polygon for 2,5km of road? It was appearing orange but I thought it's just that it informs me that it's too big area to fly from one homepoint and I changed them on the way, doesn't seem like that affected the flight.

    Could it be something else? Please give me some clues what I can check other than updating everything, restarting all the devices and connections because I alredy did that.

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,


  • Kapil (Pix4D)


    This type of issue will mainly occur when there is a connection lost during the flight. So, make sure your drone is in the sight of view, and nothing is blocking the single from your remote controller to the drone. I would suggest you go through all the [basic checks and troubleshooting steps](https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004119343-Troubleshooting-Pix4Dcapture) as it will solve most of the issues that can be encountered if properly followed.


  • Horus Aeronaves


    The Mavic Mini SDK became avaiable on 28th of July.

    How long will you take to insert that on the Pix4D Capture?

    We are really anxious for that.


  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hello, The DJI Mavic is not supported by pix4Dcapture at the moment, and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it in 2020. If things change, we will publish it at our page on Supported drones, cameras and controllers

    Edited by Kapil (Pix4D)
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