Pix4Dcapture guide to troubleshoot issues

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  • jacob svendsen

    Hello i have an Dji Inspire 2 and a X4S camera on board.
    When i fly a mission the drone uploads and take off with no problems, after it sets the altitude it fly in a strange way to the mapping beginning and something happinibg in the camera setting, so when the mission starts, it taks pictures to the left or the right sides and the only thing i can do is to pause the mission, start up the dji go4 app and reset the camera gimble and then go back in pix4d and resume the mission and then it goes. Until it begin to map the other direktions, so the camera hang in same direktion as the mapping before?? If i use dronedeploy or map pilot i have no problems and Dji had tjeked the drone and gimble also, now i dont now what to do, please help me, im paying for this app and program

    Best Jacob

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