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Important: PIX4Dfields can process images (.tif, .tiff, .jpg or .jpeg format) taken from the aerial manned or unmanned platforms. The acquisition angle of images should be nadir.

The following list contains a sample of supported cameras in PIX4Dfields.To see the complete database, download the following file: Camera database of PIX4Dfields

If the camera is not listed in the article, check the camera and its parameters in the PIX4Dfields camera database. If the camera parameters are the same as the ones in the database, PIX4Dfields will be able to read the images. If the camera is not listed in the article, but it is in the camera database, it is recommended to test processing the images in PIX4Dfields using the trial version of the software.

Manufacturer Camera Syntax
Parrot Anafi Anafi_4.0_4608x3456
Sequoia Sequoia_4.0_1280x960
MicaSense Altum Altum_1.8_160x120
RedEdge RedEdge_5.5_1280x960



senseFly  S.O.D.A. S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648
DJI Spark FC1102_4.5_3968x2976
Mavic Air FC2103_4.5_4056x3040
Mavic Pro FC220_4.7_4000x3000
Mavic 2 Zoom FC2204_4.4_4000x3000
Mavic Enterprise Dual FC2403_4.5_4056x3040
Phantom 3 FC300C_3.6_4000x3000
Phantom 3 Advanced FC300S_3.6_4000x3000
Phantom 3 Professional FC300X_3.6_4000x3000
Mavic Air 2 FC3170_4.5_8000x6000
Phantom 4  FC330_3.6_4000x3000
Zenmuse X3 FC350_3.6_4000x3000
Zenmuse X5 FC550_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_4608x3456
Zenmuse X5RAW FC550RAW_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_4608x3456
Phantom 4 Pro FC6310_8.8_5472x3648
Phantom 4 RTK FC6310R_8.8_5472x3648
Phantom 4 Pro V2 FC6310S_8.8_4864x3648
P4 Multispectral FC6360_5.7_1600x1300
Zenmuse X4S FC6510_8.8_5472x3648
Zenmuse X5S FC6520_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_5280x3956
Zenmuse X7 FC6540_DJIDL24mmF2.8LSASPH_24.0_6016x4008
AeroVironment  Quantix Quantix_2.6_2432x1824
Important: If a camera is not supported in PIX4Dfields, it is possible to process the dataset if a file with the internal camera parameters is provided. For more information: User-provided camera parameter file for PIX4Dfields.
Note: PIX4Dfields automatically detects geolocation information in the EXIF of the images. Importing image geolocation using .csv or .txt files is currently not supported.
To see the list of required EXIF tags see the Exif/XMP tags for project creation in PIX4D products article.
Note: For further technical assistance, contact the Support Team  here
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  • Mathias Fortuna

    Hello,  I can see the Mavic Mini (FC7203_4.5_4000x2250) in the supported camera list, but when trying to import jpegs to Pix4dfields it keeps saying that is isn't compatible. I downloaded the database file and couldn't find the lines for FC7203.

    Do you know the solution? Thanks!

  • Fernanda Bosmediano

    Hey, thanks for letting us know. Indeed this camera is not yet supported, but we are working to add it soon. Meanwhile, you can use an XML file to test it some users have shared this file with us. You can contact us with a ticket to support and we can gladly give it to you. 

  • John Roos


    Is this camera no longer supported?  I have downloaded sequoia_update.plf from and uploaded through USB cable to .


  • Fernanda Bosmediano

    Hi John, 

    We think you are using images from the front camera. Could you please let me know if you are doing that intentionally?  Usually, our users process the images from the ParrotSequia camera which is also integrated into that drone, and the images are stored in the SD card.



    Edited by Fernanda Bosmediano
  • George Diaz



    I have imported Images from a DJI 4P Multispectral to Pix4D Fields. After processing the orthomosaic looks that it was not aligned properly. 

    Any thoughts? Please help


    Thank you 

    Edited by George Diaz
  • Fernanda Bosmediano

    Hey George, 

    Did you process with the rig relative calibration option? If this does not work, could you please create a ticket to support? Please send us the log file, information about the overlap, speed, weather conditions during the acquisition, and if possible the dataset. We can replicate the issue, and explain the reason for the issues. Then, we can share the outputs here. 

  • Gary Roberson

    What is the best way to view or read the contents of the camera database file.  Do you have a dedicated reader that displays the data in table form or some other form?


  • Fernanda Bosmediano

    Dear Gary, 


    You can download the file and see it with a text editor such as Notepad++. I think this is the best way to see it. We do not have another reader that can display this information as a table. If you have some issues understanding the format, you can contact support or post in our community, we will gladly help you.

    Kind regards, 

    Edited by Fernanda Bosmediano
  • Anand Deshpande

    Need help to import and process the images. I am getting following error.


  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Anand, this XML file should work:

    You will need to import this file in Pix4DFields. Let us know if you need any help.

  • Christian Vahrenkamp


    I need help to import and process the images. The camera is not supported. Can somebody help me? 

    Thanks in advance.


  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    The 30 mm focal length of this camera is supported (ILCE-6000_30.0_6000x4000). However, if you send us 3 images (you can upload in google drive), we can send you an XML file which you can import to Pix4DFields:

  • Christian Vahrenkamp

    Hey Momtanu,

    here is the link to google drive with three images. Thank you for your help :)

  • Fernanda Bosmediano

    Hello Christian, 

    I uploaded the XML file here. At the end of this article you will find the instructions of how to import it to Pix4Dfields. 





    Edited by Fernanda Bosmediano
  • Lorenzo Anfruns

    Buenas tardes, espero estén bien.

    Dispongo de un dji Ph4 multiespectral con cámara FC6360_5.7_1600x1300, según el listado compatible con Pix4d Fields.

    Cuando realizo el proyecto con las imágenes RGB me genera el ortomosaico de forma correcta, pero al generar con las imágenes tif de las bandas multiespectrales, parece que no las solapa correctamente. Lo proceso con la calibración RIG activada. Para el ejemplo se trata de un gsd de unos 5 cm aproximadamente.

    Muchas gracias.


  • Fernanda Bosmediano


    ¿Puede crear un ticket para el soporte técnico? Por favor, envíenos su log file, conjunto de datos y capturas de pantalla que muestren los errores. 



    Edited by Fernanda Bosmediano
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