Pix4Dfields release notes


Current version 1.6

Version Release date Release type
1.6 November 26, 2019 New, bug fix


Version 1.6


  • High detail orthomosaic generation and control over file size and resolution as part of Advanced Processing settings.
  • New measurement tools to create area and line measurements as part of Annotations feature.
  • Base layer switcher between satellite, roadmap and no map.
  • Snapshot tool on Exports to take a screenshot of the existing field of view.
  • Support for DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral (Make sure that the version of the firmware is updated to v01.16.0007and DJI Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise (RGB sensor).


  • Regular updates include stability and minor bug fixes. 

Known issues

  • Importing a GeoTIFF into Pix4Dfields desktop created with Pix4Dmapper or Pix4D Cloud will show the alpha channel as black instead of transparent when displayed. 

Versions 1.5

Version Release date Release type
1.5.1 October 1, 2019 New, bug fix
1.5.0 August 15, 2019 New, bug fix


Version 1.5.1


  • Support radiometric correction for multi-channel images, produced by modified RGB cameras.

Bug fixes

  • After syncing, a layer modified in two devices loads correctly. 
  • Canceling and restarting a group synchronization does not cause errors.
  • When projects are synchronized, the order of the layers is preserved.
  • After syncing, a border modified in two devices is duplicated.
  • An annotation that was deleted on one device and modified in another device synchronizes correctly. 
  • Second import of images after the display of an index layer does not retain the histogram on the screen.
  • When the message "Some reflectance targets were not found" is displayed on the application, a radiometric correction performs without the reflectance target information.
  • Notification of a new Pix4Dfields version shows up on the application. 


Version 1.5.0

What is new

  • Radiometry.
  • Data sync.
  • Location indicator when clicking on the map.


  • Processing can be canceled during bundle adjustment and stitching phases.
  • Better geometric calibration for low altitude flights.
  • The PDF report now includes annotations.
  • Capture locations are displayed after images have been imported.
  • Shapefile format can be imported to John Deere Operations Center.
  • Field boundaries can be imported as .kml files.
  • Non-float single band GeoTIFF can be imported.
  • Significant speed-up of the zonation computation including a progress bar during the zonation computation and cancellation option.
  • Project log files can be exported from the dashboard without opening the project. 

Bug fixes

  • Editing a border does not duplicate the border.
  • Initial project location opens according to the last project location.
  • Improve initial map center for empty projects.
  • Custom indices are now correctly displayed in the PDF report.
  • Fixed scrolling issue with mac touch-pads on the dashboard.
  • Show an error message attempting to take an annotation photo without any camera support.
  • Fixed misalignment of image thumbnails.   

Versions 1.4

Version Release date Release type
1.4.0 March 20, 2019 New, bug fix


Version 1.4.0

What is new

  • Dashboard: new look and feel, this includes a sidebar to access: Help, Settings, Project Options.
  • Dashboard: you can group your project by: company, farm, client; in addition assign crop types and varieties.
  • Dashboard: a project can be assigned a description which is visible on the dashboard project tile.
  • Dashboard: a project tile will show the field size (based on the field boundary).
  • PDF reports can now be created from a project which includes layers of the map.


  • Algorithmic correction for rig relatives.
  • Dataset feedback prior to processing, notification if the camera is not supported.
  • Support for new camera models included improved support for DJI cameras.
  • Image attachments for annotations.
  • Improved editing of field boundaries: drag/remove points when editing.
  • Processing the images now uses less memory by using tiling.
  • Increased performance: shape and display of zonation maps.
  • Switch between imperial and metric units of measurement.
  • Project file storage has been regrouped, as part of this, a logfile export is now possible in project.
  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) is the coordinate system used for the orthomosaics (instead of Transverse Mercator) for better interoperability with other software.

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect calculation of the zonation area.

Known issues

  • PDF report does not include annotations currently


Versions 1.3

Version Release date Release type
1.3.0 August 22, 2018 New, bug fix


Version 1.3.0

What is new

  • Dashboard view showing recent projects.
  • Custom index calculator.
  • Dark theme, still includes original light theme.
  • Built in index: MCARI.


  • 2x speed up on high resolution JPEG datasets.
  • Robustness to inaccurate GPS tags.
  • Removed moire patterns on datasets with many thin lines (e.g. crop lines).
  • Add support for new cameras.
  • Better false-RGB from datasets missing the blue band.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash on certain datasets with orphaned images.

Known issues

  • On initial run of software after upgrade icons may appear incorrectly.

Versions 1.2

Version Release date Release type
1.2.0 July 23, 2018 New, bug fix


Version 1.2.0

What is new

  • Histogram of data distribution for indices / Digital Surface Model (DSM).
  • Export histogram and legend when exported indices / DSM.
  • DSM-specific color mode with isoluminant colors and hill-shading.
  • Scale shown on map in the main view.


  • Reduced noise in orthomosaic with high resolution and/or large projects.
  • Better adapt DSM structure for mixed-complexity projects.
  • Hill-shading on DSM improved for slower GPUs.
  • Show progress bars for more operations:
    - Project load
    - Export
    - Index generation
    - Make prescriptions unit-agnostic

Bug fixes

  • Fix ranges of legend for indexes / DSM.
  • Do not try to import non-annotation GeoJSON file as an annotation.

Known issues

  • On windows, on the very first run after upgrade some icons may be wrong.

Versions 1.1

Version Release date Release type
1.1.0 July 04, 2018 New, bug fix


Version 1.1.0

What is new

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM) generation and color scheme.
  • Scale shown for indices and DSM.
  • Automatic filtering of layers for trimming.
  • Adapt processing and UI performance to available RAM.


  • Improved orthomosaic in non-flat scenes.
  • Improved color blending.
  • Faster project loading.
  • Updated icons and logos.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug for Sequoia RGB image processing.
  • Fix bug for MicaSense RedEdge camera processing following firmware update.
  • Various bug fixes.

Known issues

  • Export images not compatible with MicaSense Atlas.

Versions 1.0

Version Release date Release type
1.0.0 June 07, 2018 Initial release


Version 1.0.0

Pix4Dfields is a new standalone software built for agriculture with the input from farmers, agronomists and breeders.

  • Fast and accurate maps while in field.
  • Orthomosaic generation from drone images.
  • Pre-determined list of index maps.
  • Zonation and prescription maps.
  • Comparison and annotation tools.
  • Import and Export functionality.
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