Imports and exports


Import images

Import either drone images or an existing GeoTIFF.

1. Click the tab Import.
2. (optional) To import drone images (.jpg or .tif format) click IMPORT IMAGES.
3. (optional) To import an existing GeoTIFF file (.tif format) click IMPORT GEOTIFF.

Import field boundaries

Import field boundaries.

1. Import images.
2. The left sidebar will display the existing layers.  At the bottom click IMPORT.
3. Select from either Shapefile or GeoJSON.
4. Navigate to folder containing the required files in either shapefile or GeoJSON format.
5. (optional) For shapefiles click Select Folder (Windows users) / Open (macOS users).
6. (optional) For GeoJSON click Open.

Import annotations

Import annotations.

1. Click the tab Annotate.
2. On the right sidebar, click Import.
3. Navigate to folder containing required files (.json format) and select.
3. Click Open.


Export layers from a project for use outside the software.

1. Click the tab Export.
2. On the left sidebar, check layers for export.
3. (optional) If prompted, select export formats.
4. Click EXPORT.
5. Select a destination folder, click Select Folder (Windows users) / Open (macOS users).

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