Analysis tools

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Comparison tool

To compare layers:

1. Click Comparison tab.
2. On the left sidebar select the layers to view.
3. Click the icon beside a layer to set as left or right view.

To change views.

1. By default Double Screen view is selected.
2. To change view, click the tab Split Screen.
3. Change view by dragging the central black line to desired position.
4. (optional) To return to double screen view, click the tab Double Screen.

Annotate tool

To add, import or export annotations:

1. To add an annotation click the tab Annotate.
2. On the right sidebar click +Add to create custom annotations.
3. Move the cursor over the desired area of the layer map.
4. Left click to create an annotation.
5. A dialog box appears, enter a title and description then click SAVE.
6. Repeat process to create multiple annotations.
7. (optional) To import an existing annotation as GeoJSON, on the right sidebar click Import.

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