Analysis tools (Comparison and Annotation)

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Comparison Tool

To compare layers:

1. Click the Compare icon on the right upper corner of the screen.
2. On the left sidebar select the layers to view.
3. Click the icon beside a layer to set as left or right view.

To change views:

1. Click the Compare icon on the right upper corner of the screen.
2. Select which layers you would like to compare and in which view by selecting the correct split screen icon next to the layer’s name.
3. At the top right of the window, the Double Screen view is selected by default.
4. Click the other icon to switch to the Split Screen view.
5. You can move the vertical line in the middle of the map interface from side to side.
6. (optional) Once you are finished comparing layers, click the arrow next to COMPARE on the left sidebar to exit the comparison tool.

Annotation tool

To add, import or export annotations:

1. Click the Annotate icon on the top right of the project screen.
2. Select the layer you would like to annotate.
3. At the bottom of the left sidebar, click on the menu icon next to ANNOTATIONS.
4. Click Add. The cursor changes to a “plus” sign.
5. Move the cursor over the desired area of the layer in the map interface.
6. Left-click to create an annotation.
7. Enter the title and description.
8. Click SAVE.
9. The annotation appears on the layer and the properties of the selected annotation open on the right sidebar.
10. (optional) Click the menu next to Attachments. An image or photo can be added to the annotation by clicking Attach Image or Take a Photo respectively

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