New project creation

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New project

To create a new project:

1. On the dashboard, click + New Project or the “plus” symbol at the bottom right corner of the window.
2. Click NEW PROJECT to create a new empty project. A new window with a background satellite image appears displaying either the default location or where the last project was processed.
3. Click the pen symbol beside the default name of the project to rename the project.

Open project

To open an existing project:

1. On the dashboard, all the projects will be visible.
2. Click on the desired project, and this will open.

Note: All projects are displayed by default unless a filter is active. These settings are visible on the top menu.

Recent project

To open the most recent project, select it from the dashboard.

Demo datasets

To download a demo dataset, both a multispectral and RGB dataset are available:

1. Open Pix4Dfields.
2. At the bottom of the dashboard under EXAMPLES click either RGB example or Multispectral example to download sample datasets.

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