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Sign up
First-time login

Sign up

To create a Pix4D user account:

1. Go to the sign up page.
2. Complete the sign up form.


3. Click CONTINUE.
4. Review Communication preferences and Data privacy preferences.
5. Click SAVE.
6. Continue automatically to Pix4Dfields downloads page.

First-time login

Sign up for a Pix4D account or use existing Pix4D account to login to the software.

1. Enter the Email Address and Password.
2. Click LOGIN.


3. An automatic one month free subscription will be generated for use.
4. Select the license.
5. Click NEXT.

Note: Both new and existing Pix4D accounts will be granted one month free subscription to Pix4Dfields. Select this from the available licenses at first login.
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