Account and license

Premium support

Premium support is a payable add-on to an existing Pix4D license. It is designed for customers who want to benefit from extended technical assistance, relying on guaranteed fast response times and a dedicated success manager, among other features.

Dedicated customer success manager

As a Premium support customer, you are assigned a dedicated customer success manager (CSM). A CSM is a trusted advisor with an understanding of your business and priorities, your advocate, and your primary point of contact.

The dedicated success manager supports and guides the premium customer in the following ways:

  • Assists with onboarding of an organization with the Pix4D suite of products.
  • Assesses the maturity with Pix4D solutions and collaborates to create an adoption roadmap and success plan.
  • Advises on best practices for integrating Pix4D products into workflows.
  • Connects the customer with technical experts, such as Pix4D Product Owners and Support engineers.
  • Monitors support cases and works on case escalations.

Guaranteed support request response time

In addition to working with a dedicated success manager, direct engagement with the technical support team is possible for technical issues and questions by opening a support request via the dedicated form on the Pix4D Documentation website.

Reported business impact

When opening a technical support request, the business impact has to be specified on the request form. A Pix4D representative can change this to a higher or lower level if it is reasonably believed the classification is incorrect based on the description below.

Based on the reported business impact, the following response times can be guaranteed.

Business impact
Agent first contact
Workaround solution
Highly visible incident that completely prevents operating.
1 business hour
4 business hours
Partial loss of service with severe impact. The client can still operate, but essential functions are no longer available.
2 business hours
8 business hours
An issue with minor to little impact on client operations caused by the loss of a non-critical functionality.
4 business hours
12 business hours
Request for information
There is no impact on client operation, but just the need of information or product feedback
8 business hours
24 business hours

Business schedule

English support is available during business hours, which run:

  • Monday to Friday.
  • From 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Available time zones: Lausanne, Denver, Tokyo time, or a combination of them to match the location and complexity of your organization.
  • Excluding national public holidays.
Note: Support for alternative languages may be requested and delivered according to Pix4D's availability.

Best practices when opening a support request

When filling in the support request form, in the License email field, ensure to provide the correct email address, the one of the Pix4D account associated with the Premium support subscription.

Support call with screen sharing

It is possible to have a screen-sharing session depending on the issue and after the support engineer has evaluated the case.

A web (video)call can be planned with one of the technical support representatives and is performed via a dedicated tool (e.g., Google Meet) upon agreement.

Customized product documentation

On top of the standard online product documentation, a customized version of it can be requested upon need and delivered in a preferred standard format, e.g., .pdf, docx, etc.

Pix4D Premium support additional terms

The Additional Terms – Premium Support (ATPS) applies to Premium Support services subscriptions. For more information: Pix4D terms and policies (Pix4D Premium support).

How to buy Premium support

To purchase and set up Premium support, contact sales.