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How to install PIX4Dcapture on Yuneec ST16 and ST16S - PIX4Dcapture

In order to use the automated mission planning, two apps need to be installed from Play Store: Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+Yuneec.

1. Tap on Play Store.

First exit Flight Data Telemetry Screen to be able to access the app menu.


2. Search and select Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+Yuneec.


3. Tap Install for both Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+Yuneec.


4. Tap Pix4Dcapture in the app menu of the controller to open the app.

Currently supported on Yuneec H520 drone with the E90 camera on the ST16 and ST16S controllers.

More information about the Pix4Dcapture and how to use it can be found here: Getting Started and Manual