Pix4Dmapper 3.1 Technical Release Notes

Getting Started and Manual (online) (pdf)


Version Release date Release type
3.1.23 February 27, 2017 Bug fix release
3.1.22 January 30, 2017 Bug fix release
3.1.18 December 15, 2016 New release


Version 3.1.23

Bug fixes

  • Software
    • Fix bug where Process > Open Results Folder... was not working when using a network drive.
  • Project creation
    • Fix bug where it was not possible to merge projects anymore.


Version 3.1.22

What's new

  • Languages
    • Software available in Italian.


  • Camera database
    • Add Phantom 4 Pro camera model with optimized parameters.

Bug fixes

  • Software
    • Comma "," is not accepted as a decimal symbol. This affects computers with a locale installation that uses comma for decimals.
  • Processing
    • Step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh crashes for large datasets when using SGM.
    • Fix bug where step 3 cannot be run for projects with multiple camera models in the case all images of a camera model are disabled.
  • Outputs
    • Fix bug where loading the GeoTIF orthomosaic in third party software was slower.
  • Index calculator
    • Fix bug where in some cases the sun irradiance was not correctly converted when opening older p4d files in newer software versions.
  •  Various UI bug fixes


Version 3.1.18

What is new

  • Improved DTM generation
    • Improved workflow, performance and quality of the results.
      • The DTM generation is now computed from the DSM. It is generated in step 3 which allows a fully automated DTM generation.
      • The DTM processing options can be accessed in the Process > Processing Options... > 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index > Additional Outputs. For more information: 202558419.


  • Contour lines from DTM
    • Generate contour lines using the DTM. For more information on how to generate the contour lines from the DTM: 203722389.

Contour lines from DSM Contour lines from DTM



  • Maps View
    • New maps and satellite background from Mapbox. For more information: 202557719.
    • Single click on an image's position to visualize the corresponding image.
    • Esc key can be used to cancel the drawing of the processing area.
Satellite background Maps background


  • Processing
    • Improved processing speed of step 1 for projects with more than 2'000 images.
  • Index calculator
    • Improved reflectance map generation.
  • Various UI improvements

Other changes

  • Maps View
    • Project summary and layers sidebar discontinued.
    • Orthomosaic view discontinued.
  • Point cloud classification discontinued.


Known issues

  • Software
    • Display issues when using 2 screens with different resolutions (e.g. a laptop connected to a large screen.
      Workaround: Use the same resolution on the two screens or disable one screen.
  • New project
    • Creating a new project using images from a senseFly's drone does not select egm96
      as default coordinate system.
      Workaround: During project creation, in the Image Properties window, select Geoid Height Above the Ellipsoide = 0 as image coordinate system. For more information how to change the image coordinate system: 202560029.
  • Project management
    • Cannot open a project with Korean characters, even if it has been created using the New Project wizard.
      Workaround: rename the .p4d file so that it does not contain Korean characters.
  • Processing window
    • Step 2 of the processing window is displayed in red after generating the 3D Textured Mesh in OBJ format with tiled texture.
  • Processing
    • Step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh crashes for large datasets when using SGM.
    • Step 3. DSM and Orthomosaic is slower on machines with Quadro GPUs. The substeps of loading the point cloud and generating the DSM takes much more time than expected. For more information: 218195063.
  • Outputs
    • Mesh in .dxf format is not displayed correctly in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    • In some third party software loading the GeoTIF orthomosaic is slower.
    • Cannot send DSM and maps to eMotion 3.
      Workaround: use eMotion 2.
  • rayCloud
    • In some cases exporting a point group in a custom directory from the layers sidebar is not working.
    • When visualizing multiple external point clouds, only the shader of the first point cloud is taken into account for the display.
    • Pressing the Shift key with the desired navigation key (e.g. up arrow) does not allow a faster navigation anymore.
      Workaround: Press Shift+Ctrl to navigate faster.
  • Index Calculator
    • Index color scale changes after opening the Processing Options Window. This happens only if the gray colored index is selected.


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