(Android and iOS) Why is the drone not starting the mission?

Information: The suggestions below are only relevant for DJI drones supported by the app, except Phantom 2 Vision(+). For more information about the list of supported drones: 203991609.

The following problems can happen:

  • The drone reaches the flight altitude but hovers in the air.
  • The mission is not uploaded to the drone, the check in the takeoff pop-up fails (red cross).
  • The drone does not start the mission (no takeoff) while all checks are green in the takeoff pop-up.
Note: In case the issue seems related to the distance between the mission and the home point or the drone, bypass the safety lock. For more information: 115001498026.

Sometimes there are some delays when sending the mission details from the app to the drone through DJI SDK (what allows the communication between the two). A time-out could prevent the mission from being completely uploaded. It is then suggested to try the following:

1. Interrupt the mission.

1.1. If the drone is already is the air, tap Abort or take over manual control to land the drone.
1.2. If the drone did not take off, tap Cancel below the takeoff checklist pop-up if the mission upload failed.

2. Restart the mission.

2.1. In the Map view, slightly adjust the flight plan, e.g. resize the grid. This will force the app to upload the mission details to the drone again since the flight plan was changed.
2.2. Tap Start and go through the wizard as previously.

3. (optional) If the issue persists, start over the mission scratch, meaning close and force the app to stop, disconnect the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone.

Tip: Some options defined in DJI GO (4) should also be considered for troubleshooting this issue, like the maximum height for flying or the maximum range between the home point (where the drone is turned on) and the mission. The values defined in DJI GO (4) can be limiting which is why it is worth checking them. They can prevent the drone from starting the autonomous flight.


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