PIX4Dengine CLI - Obsolete

Display Issues on Linux Machines

Warning:This article refers to the command line interface (CLI) and not to the newest version of Pix4Dengine SDK.
We highly recommend migrating to the Pix4Dengine SDK. To get access to the latest documentation please visit Pix4Dengine Server SDK.


Display issues related to windows, which pop up in Pix4Dmapper 3.1 and later, can be expected on Linux machines running Ubuntu 16.04 or Mint.


The following events might happen but are not systematic:

  • The rayCloud main view is printed on the top of the Map View after running step 1. Initial Processing.
  • Several Pix4D windows open successively after, for instance, Rematch and Optimize.
Note: Any other unusual behavior of the windows in the software could be related to this problem.


On these distributions, 3D visual effects set by default, may affect the performance and lead to display issues with some applications.


It is recommended to disable the visual effects:

1. Click the Ubuntu icon to open the Dash.
2. Type "terminal" and select the Terminal application from the list.
3. Install the gnome-session-flashback by typing "sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback".

3.1. Copy and paste the instruction above.
3.2. Press Enter.
3.3. Type the user's password when prompted.
3.4. Press Enter.

4. Log out from the current session.
5. On the Login screen, click the Ubuntu icon next to the user's name.

6. Select GNOME Flashback (Metacity).

7. Log in again.

For more information: Linux tips.