(Android) Polygonal Mission

Polygonal missions are not directly available in the app at the moment. However, an irregularly shaped area could be mapped by flying several smaller rectangular missions. Several smaller grids can be used to match the shape of the polygon as close as possible.

The Project List feature facilitates the creation of multiple small grids next to each other since the grid missions are displayed on the background map and so they can be adjusted to better fit the irregularly shaped area. 

The following workflow describes how to plan several missions that form an irregularly shaped mission.

1. In the Home screen, tap Project List.
2. In the Project List screen, tap the plus sign at the top right corner to create a new project.
3. Select the new project.
4. In the Mission view, tap Add to create the first mission.

5. Select the type of mission to add.
6. In the Map view, plan the mission and adjust the flight settings.

7. Tap Save to store the mission in the current project.

8. Repeat steps 4. to 7. above to create and plan other missions to cover the desired area.

9. In the Mission view select the first mission to fly and tap Open.
10. In the Map view tap Start to start the mission.
11. Repeat steps 9. to 10. to fly all the small grids.

When all the missions are completed, all the images can be processed in one project to reconstruct the entire area. Alternatively, each project can be processed separately and then they can be merged. For more information about merging projects here: 202558529.


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