Multi-battery / How to operate multi-battery flights

You can fly a multi-battery mission with Pix4Dcapture. Pix4Dcapture for iOS and Pix4Dcapture for Android provide different workflows to perform a multi-battery mission.

If you cannot safely capture your project area with a single drone battery:

Android (Available only for Grid missions)

  • Tap ABORT. Your drone will start to loiter, and Pix4Dcapture will create a new flight plan that covers the remainder of your project area.



  • Tap GO HOME. Your drone will return to land at its home point.

After you have changed your drone's battery:

  • Tap START. Your drone will start capturing the remainder of your project area. Note that your drone will start capturing photos at the beginning of the flight line that it was flying in the previous mission when you tapped Abort.



iOS (Available for Grid, Double Grid, and Polygon missions)

  • Tap PAUSE. Your drone will start to loiter.



  • Tap GO HOME. Your drone will return to land at its home point.

After you have changed your drone's battery:

  • Tap RESUME. Your drone will start capturing the remainder of your project area. Note that your drone will continue capturing photos just after the location of the latest picture acquired before you tapped Pause.


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  • Jonathan Heinrich

    To be clear, using IOS devices, Pix4D Capture will resume at the last image captured point, or at the beginning of the last INCOMPLETE Mission Flight Line?

    Also, to maximise battery usage, at what percentage will the mission abort and the drone Return To Home by itself? If it does do that before ABORT was tapped, will it be able to continue the mission where it left off, when the battery is changed?

    In other words, MUST one abort a mission for THAT mission to be continued? Or is Pix4D Capture clever enough to use maximum battery power on its' own, return to home and continue the mission itself once a new battery is loaded?

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your relevant questions.

    1. on iOS, Pix4Dcapture will resume at the last image captured point.

    2. On Pix4Dcapture, a warning is displayed while the battery is going below 30% but in any case, the RTH will be triggered up to what you defined in DJI GO 4. 

    3. To change the battery on the drone, tapping PAUSE at any time, waiting for the RTH to be triggered when it reaches the battery percentage defined in DJI GO 4 or tapping the RTH button on the RC is equivalent. Pix4Dcapture will take it into account and then you can RESUME the mission.

    Edited by Gaël (Pix4D)
  • Øystein Kristiansen

    Am I reading this right when I assume that multi-battery flights is not possible with an Android device in a double-grid (3-model) mission?

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Øystein,

    Yes, you are right, on the Android version of Pix4Dcapture, a multi-battery flight can be done with the simple Grid mission. It is not possible at the moment to make it with the others types of missions.


  • allan steven

    Hi Gael, 

    Do i need to go through DJI GO4 everytime I change battery? Or simple 

    1. land

    2.Shut down Drone

    3. Change battery

    4. Startup

    5.wait for calibration




    Is there a demo video on this?


  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Allan,

    You should not go through DJI GO 4 when changing the battery. Multi-battery flights can be operated having only Pix4Dcapture running on your mobile device.
    Note that DJI GO 4 should not be running the same time that Pix4Dcapture as it can lead to communication conflicts with the drone. It is recommended to force quit DJI GO 4 when using Pix4Dcapture.

    We do not have any videos about multi-battery flights at the moment.


  • manoj lekhak

    Hi Gael

    can i have a long mission in double grid mapping for the survey in multiple flights. is it possible when i choose 1km square to be mapped and it uses 162 flights in the same mission ??


  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Manoj,

    It is possible to make a multi-batteries flight with a double grid mission using the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture.


  • manoj lekhak

    Hello gael is it possible to get the same thing in android ??


  • Tahir Abubakar

    Is multi-battery flights  possible with an android or ios device in a double-grid (3-model) mission?

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Tahir and Manoj,

    As described in the above procedure, the multi-battery flights are available for:
    - Grid mission for Android.
    - Grid, Double Grid and Polygon missions on iOS.


  • Matt Curless

    Whilst using grid map on Android 9.0, I selected Abort to complete battery swap. All appeared to work fine until drone 1/2 way back home when map duplicated the existing flight plan but 50 metres ~45° from where the initial map was located. Looking at the app screen, both maps appeared with the new -- and now inaccurately placed -- showing as the active map.

    In thinking I accidentally moved the map, I attempted to replicate and was successful on the next 2 battery swaps. As a user during the fight -- usually ~15 mins in -- I pressed Abort > Go Home > drone paused, followed RTH height, proceeded to RTH > map in Pix4d app duplicated same size but 50 metres & ~45° from where the initial map was located.




  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Matt,

    If tapping ABORT in a Grid mission with the Android version of Pix4Dcapture, the behavior expected is explained in the above procedure. It might happen that if tapping ABORT --> GO HOME too quickly, it will not work as expected and a duplication of the first flight plan may be done.
    Before tapping GO HOME, we suggest to be sure that the new flight plan that covers the remainder of your project area is created.


  • ahmet güner

     ABORT >> GO HOME When I pressed the button, the drone (matrice210) began to descend to its location. He didn't go where he was. 

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Ahmet,

    When using Pix4Dcapture, tapping ABORT --> GO HOME will trigger a Return-To-Home. 
    Pix4Dcapture is a third-party application and it cannot override the fail-safe behavior of the drone itself. The Return-to-Home is part of this and then is not handled by Pix4Dcapture.

    If you refer to DJI documentation about RTH, then the behavior you encountered is probably expected:
    "Something worth remembering is that if your drone is less than 20 meters away from you when you press the RTH button then it will land just where it is, however, if the landing zone is hazardous then it will try to find somewhere safe to land or just hover at a low height until the pilot takes control and lands it manually."


  • Joshua Houston

    Hi Gaël,

    You said to not go through DJI GO 4 but I can't avoid it. I often fly in a zone that requires unlocking. Unlocking is required with every battery change. When I select 'RESUME' it starts back at the beginning.


  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Joshua,

    We haven't tested it in a configuration that requires unlocking between each battery change.

    I would suggest trying the following workflow:
    1) After the battery change, force quit Pix4Dcapture.
    2) Unlock the zone through DJI GO 4
    3) Force quit DJI GO 4 and open Pix4Dcapture.
    4) Open the project to continue the acquisition and resume the mission.

    Also, In DJI No-Fly-Zone, it is expected that Pix4Dcapture will not work.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

  • CBLOC Mariagerfjord


    I tried three times yesterday to perform a multi-battery flights in a Double Grid mission on iOS. Every time I pressed Resume the drone started the mission from start and not at the location of the latest picture acquired before I tapped Pause. Only Pix4Dcapture was open. What can be wrong?

    Specs: iPad iOS 12.3.1, Pix4Dcapture 4.4.0 (11), DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    Edited by CBLOC Mariagerfjord
  • Gaël (Pix4D)


    This behavior has not been reported to us so far. Have you properly followed the workflow described in this article?
    Also, you can have a look at our basic check and troubleshooting steps article on our Knowledge Base. If properly followed it will solve most of the issues. In your case, I would recommend starting mission from scratch when an unexpected behavior like the one you had occurs.
    To do so, close and force quit the app, disconnect the cable from the mobile device, turn off the remote controller and the drone. Then switch on the drone and the controller, reconnect the USB cable and open Pix4Dcapture.

  • CBLOC Mariagerfjord

    Hi Gaël.

    Yes, I did everything from this article, and also from the other one. The only thing i am unsure of is whether I had properly closed manufacturer's app from running in the background.

    I will take more notice of this next time, and report to you if the problem continues.


  • Tihomir Frangen


    Is Anafi Thermal supported by Pix4Dcapture? There is no information on it on the list of supported drones.

    I tried using it, but couldn`t connect with Ctrl+Parrot 2.

    Best regards

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Tihomir,

    The list of supported drones has been updated and the Anafi thermal is indeed supported since the version V4.5.0 on the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture.

    It has to be noted that it only supports RGB images.

    Best regards,

  • Tihomir Frangen

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I am on the android. Do you now if it will be available on the android? If yes, maybe some estimate on when?


    Best regards

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Tihomir,

    For the moment it is not in our pipeline to support the Anafi thermal on the Android version of Pix4Dcapture. However our developer's are currently working on a new Pix4Dcapture application that will run on both Android and iOS mobile devices but I can not give you any estimate of when it will be released.

    Best regards,

  • Hendrik Graulus

    I also have the following issue flying my Phantom 4 drone during a double-grid, multi-battery mission on iOS device. When the battery level goes down to between 30%-50% the drone suddenly aborts the mission and returns home. When I replace the battery and push RESUME the drone does NOT go the point where the last picture was taken. Instead it goes back to the starting point of the double grid mission. I have tried this a few times now and always get the same issue. I also did make sure the DJI Go app is killed and not running before I launch the double-grid mission in Pix4DCapture.

    Just to be clear, I don't get a low battery warning. The drone suddenly aborts the mission even before I have a chance to push PAUSE and when there is still a lot power left in the battery. I hope you can help me resolve this persistent issue. Thanks!

  • Francois Badenhorst

    Experienced the same issue yesterday for the first time, Hendrik. Wonder if it's a bug in the recent update because my drone returned on capacities ranging between 30% - 60%, given the home point being only 50m from the location it automatically returned but continues from the last image point on the next battery. Using a P4P V2 and an IOS device on a simple grid. Have been using the same methodology for almost a year now and this is he first time encountering these issues. I double checked the GO 4 settings and everything was normal with return to home only activating at 20%. 

  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hello Hendrik and Francois,

    The issue you have encountered is probably the known issue using iOS version of Pix4Dcapture and Safe mode.

    Indeed, there is a limitation of maximum 99 waypoints by DJI. In Safe mode, one waypoint is uploaded to the drone for each picture that will be taken. The SDK of DJI does not allow third-party applications, like Pix4Dcapture, to upload more than 99 waypoints at the same time. Unfortunately, this means the drone will go back to land when it reaches the 99th waypoint or else, after the 99th picture is captured. 


    • Planning a smaller mission and/or decreasing the image overlap.
    • Tapping Pause and then Resume when your drone stops during the mission. It will upload the next set of waypoints.
    • Switching from Safe to Fast mode. Fast mode does not rely on waypoints to trigger the camera so you can fly more lines before exceeding the 99-waypoint limit.


  • Francois Badenhorst

    Thanks Gaël for the swift response, this resolved my issue as I tested Safe Mode for the first time that day when I encountered the problem. Everything back to normal now.

  • Hendrik Graulus

    Hi Gaël,

    I flew the double-grid mission again following your recommendation to PAUSE/RESUME the mission before I reach the 99th waypoint (in Safe mode).

    The double grid mission I want to fly has 374 waypoints in total. Before I reached the FIRST 99th-waypoint I tapped PAUSE/RESUME; the drone stopped/hovered; uploaded the next set of waypoints and continued its mission. Great sofar!  Before I reached the SECOND 99th-waypoint I tapped PAUSE again. The drone loitered and uploaded the next set of waypoints but when I hit RESUME it did NOT continue but instead it flew to the previous location where I FIRST hit PAUSE/RESUME and continued from there. Can you explain this behaviour? I did more tests and repeated the procedure several times but no matter what I did, the drone always went back and continued the flight form the FIRST location where I tapped PAUSE/RESUME.

    Also, is there a limit on how many times you can hit PAUSE/RESUME during a mission with many waypoints?




  • Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Hendrik,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I could reproduce the behavior you described and then I reported it to the developer's team so that they can fix it in a future release.
    In the meantime, I would suggest tapping PAUSE/RESUME no more than once to upload the next set of waypoints so that you do not encounter the bug. Also, you can fly using the Fast mode as it will enable to acquire a good image dataset in most of the cases.


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