(Android) Mission resume and multi-battery flights

Mission resume allows to continue a mission that has been aborted or interrupted by taking over manual control. The incomplete portion is saved in the same project as a new mission, so that it can be executed later.

The procedure to create the remaining mission of an interrupted one is described here:

1. Tap Save when the mission is interrupted to save the incomplete portion.

2. In the Home screen, tap Project List
3. In the Project List screen, tap the project name of the interrupted mission.
4. In the Mission 1 view, the incomplete mission appears.

5. In the Mission 2 view, the remaining mission has been created. 

6. Tap Open to open the remaining mission.

7. Tap Start to start the mission.
8. The remaining mission is being executed.

9. Repeat the steps if needed to split the initial grid into more than two grids.

Note: The new mission consists of the remaining lines, starting at the next flight line.

The workflow is not equivalent to multi-battery flights as user intervention is required. However, it allows recharging the battery and continuing the mission close enough to the point where the initial mission was interrupted.

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