Pix4D outputs

How to import Pix4D data into IMS Map360

Pix4D, IMS Map360 and Evidence Recorder projects can be merged into a single Map360 project.

Important: The coordinate system must be the same:
  • When collecting Ground Control Points and any additional points and linework when using Evidence Recorder and a GPS Receiver.
  • When selecting the Output Coordinate System in Pix4D. For more information: Menu Project > Select Output Coordinate System....
  • When setting the Project Coordinate System in IMS Map360.
This map can be used to determine which coordinate systems are valid for a geographical region selected.

In Pix4Dmapper:

1. Create a new project in Pix4Dmapper: Step 2. Creating a Project.
2. Import the images: Step 2. Creating a Project.
3. Select Output coordinate system: Step 2. Creating a Project.

Important: The output coordinate system and the units settings in Pix4Dmapper, must be the same with those set in IMS Map360.

4. Select Processing Options template: Step 2. Creating a Project.
5. Click Finish.
6. Click Start Processing.

Important: If GCPs are used, GCP file you must select units and a system that matches the one used by Evidence Recorder AND the Output System that you have already defined.

To import the pointcloud into IMS Map360 project:

1. Click New Scene to create a drawing.
2. Click Scene Defaults... the General Configuration Options window appears.

Important: Units set in the General Configuration Options window should be the same as the GCP and Output Coordinate System.

3. Click OK.
4. On the Import/Export >Import Cyclone.
5. Connect to the EpcA engine and connect IMS Map360 to Cyclone.

In Cyclone:

1. Expand the drop-down list SERVERS and right click on computer_name database.
2. In the Configure Databases window on computer_name window click Add...
3. Navigate to the path where the .las file is stored.
4. In the Create/Select a Cyclone DB window enter a name and double click Open.
5. Click OK.
6. If the database is included in the list click Close.
7. In the Cyclone-VIEWER-Navigator window right click on the database generated and click Import...
8. Browse to the .las file and click Open.
9. In the Cyclone-VIEWER-Navigator window expand the database that was created and the ModelSpace will appear.
10. Close Cyclone.

In IMS Map 360:

1. Return to the drawing and use the Open Cyclone command on the Import/Export tab (Sketch mode) or on the PointCloud tab (Advanced mode) or type CWIMPORT at the command line.
2. On the Import ModelSpace View window set the units to Meters and click ... to import the model.
3. Expand the database tree and on the My LAS file database right click Create View.
4. Then click + to expand the tree.
5. Select ModelSpace View and click Open.
6. Click OK.
7. The point cloud is imported.

For more information: http://ims.microsurvey.com.

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