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How to process a project on the cloud?

To process a project on the cloud, there are two alternatives:

  • Create a project by importing using the cloud web uploader. For more information: 115004680703.
  • Upload an existing project (processed locally on a computer or not) from Pix4D Desktop: For more information: 202558589.

What are the differences between Pix4D Desktop and Pix4D Cloud?

Pix4D Desktop enables users to have full control of their project: adding Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Manual Tie Points (MTPs), editing the densified point cloud and changing a lot more settings which can improve the final results.

Pix4D Cloud also allows to achieve high-quality results, however, for user convenience, projects are processed using default templates. Pix4D Cloud is the easiest way to share a project online with just a link and to do some simple but practical analysis.

Which version is used to process on Pix4D Cloud?

The cloud servers run the latest stable version of the desktop software for processing, not the preview (download link).

Can the results be shared?

Yes, the results can be shared. Access the project and click the Share button on the upper-right corner. An external link (in the tab LINK) and an HTML embedded link (in the tab EMBED) is created including the annotations and changes that were made.

When using the LINK URL, all the content of the MAP or 3D MODEL view together with the annotations are shared except the elevation profile / cross-section. The input images and the output files will not be shared meaning they cannot be downloaded from a sharing link.

When using the EMBED URL, it is only for visualization and not allow measurements.

Can a project that was processed using Pix4D Cloud be downloaded?

The input images and outputs (complete set or specific files) can be downloaded directly from Pix4D Cloud:
The images and .p4d file can be downloaded using Pix4D Desktop: 205751415.  
The results folder can be downloaded from Pix4D Cloud: 115000707003.

Which processing options are used on the cloud?

For more information: 115004575526.

Can a processing area be used on the cloud?

One processing area can be used for processing on the cloud. However, the processing area should be drawn using Pix4D Desktop beforehand:

1. After installing Pix4D Desktop (download link), create a new project from the images. For more information: 202557309. Alternatively if the project was previously processed on the cloud servers, it is possible to download the project. For more information: 115000707003.
2. Create a processing area. For more information: 202560179.
3. Upload the project with the processing area from Pix4D Desktop to Pix4D Cloud. For more information: 202558589.

Can GCPs be used on the cloud?

For more information: 115005242946.

Can a project without image geolocation be processed on the cloud?

Projects without image geolocation can be processed on the cloud. However, the orthomosaic generated might not be correctly oriented.

What is the output coordinate system of a project that is processed on the cloud?

  • Projects without image geolocation that are processed on the cloud will be in an arbitrary coordinate system and thus will not have a map on the background.
  • Projects with image geolocation will have as an output coordinate system the same as the image geolocation. If the image geolocation is in a geographic coordinate system, the output coordinate system will be the corresponding UTM zone.
  • If a project is uploaded from Pix4D Desktop, then the output coordinate system will be the one selected in Pix4D Desktop. 

How to change the unit for measurements?

Web measurements calculated on results are displayed in metric or imperial units. To change the unit system, proceed as follows.

1. Go to the home page of Pix4D Cloud. Click the username and select Account settings.
2. In the panel Solution preference, select the measurement unit.

How to select a preferred solution?

By default, uploads from Pix4D Desktop and Pix4D Mobile are directed to the solution matching the license. To upload and process using a different solution, proceed as follows.

1. Go to the home page of Pix4D Cloud. Click the username and select Account settings.
2. In the panel Solution preference, select the solution to use among Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dfields, and Pix4Dmodel (depending on the license restrictions).

Are my data protected?

Pix4D cares about your privacy and does not claim any ownership of your data. Find more information in our Terms of Use.

What happens to my projects when my license expires?

For more information: 360000719843.

Which internet browsers and operating systems support Pix4D Cloud?

The following browsers are officially supported for Pix4D Cloud on Windows 10+ and MacOS:

  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer Edge (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (partially supported, more here: 115004452963)
  • Safari 11+
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