Pix4Dmapper 3.1 Preview Technical Release Notes

This is the release of Pix4Dmapper 3.1 Preview. Get a preview of the new features and help us improve the product by reporting any issues: Submit a request to support.

Disclaimer: The preview version contains new features and bug fixes. Documentation and support are not available. We recommend testing the preview version before using it for production work.


Version Release date Release type
3.1.15 November 29, 2016 Preview
3.1.13 November 16, 2016 Preview
3.1.7 November 1, 2016 Preview
3.1.5 October 19, 2016 Preview


Version 3.1.15


  • Processing
    • Improved reflectance map generation

Bug fixes

  • Processing
    • Fix bug where step 1 was slower for all projects using the Alternative Calibration Method. This impacted projects using the Ag Multispectral, Ag Modified Camera, Ag RGB, Thermal Camera templates.
  • Outputs
    • Update and correct format for the files project_name_calibrated_external_camera_parameters.txt and project_name_calibrated_external_camera_position_errors.txt located in the folder 1_initial/params.
  • Mosaic editor
    • Fix bug where the Mosaic Editor could not be opened when the DTM was not generated.
  • Various UI bug fixes.

Known issues

  • Software
    • Display issues when using 2 screens with different resolutions (e.g. a laptop connected to a large screen.
      Workaround: Use the same resolution on the two screens or disable one screen.
  • Processing
    • Cannot generate 3D Textured Mesh from menu when no logo is selected.
    • In some cases cannot compute the reflectance map even if no sun irradiance is requested. This affects old projects using modified cameras.
      Workaround: create a new project.
    • Sky is not automatically removed for Bebop2 projects.
  • Outputs
    • In some third party software loading the GeoTIF orthomosaic is slower.
  • rayCloud
    • In some cases exporting a point group in a custom directory from the layers sidebar is not working.
    • Cannot create a video animation from the menu.
      Workaround: use the button on the left sidebar.
    • Cannot export GCPs/MTPs from the rayCloud layer's sidebar.
      Workaround: use the GCP/MTP manager.
  • Index calculator
    • Index color scale changes after opening the Processing Options Window. This happens only if the gray colored index is selected.


Version 3.1.13

What is new

  • Improved DTM generation
    • Improved workflow, performance and quality of the results.
      • The DTM generation is now computed from the DSM. It is generated in step 3 which allows a fully automated DTM generation.
      • The DTM processing options can be accessed in the Process > Processing Options... > 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index > Additional Outputs.
  • Contour lines from DTM
    • The contour lines are generated from the DTM if the DTM exists.


  • Maps View
    • New maps and satellite background from Mapbox.
    • Single click on an image's position to visualize the corresponding image.
    • Esc key can be used to cancel the drawing of the processing area.
  • Processing
    • Improved processing speed of step 1 for projects with more than 2'000 images.
  • Various UI improvements

Other changes

  • Maps View
    • Project summary and layers sidebar discontinued.
    • Orthomosaic view discontinued.
  • Point cloud classification discontinued.

Bug fixes

  • Quality report
    • Fix bug where the name of the project in the Quality Report was not updated after saving a project as and renaming it.
  • rayCloud
    • Fix bug where the point cloud was not loaded after saving a project with uppercase letter in the project name.
    • Fix bug where the processing area was not displayed correctly in the rayCloud after importing it in the Map View.

Known issues

  • New project
    • Creating a new project using images from a senseFly's drone does not select egm96
      as default coordinate system.
      Workaround: During project creation, in the Image Properties window, select Geoid Height Above the Ellipsoide = 0 as image coordinate system. For more information how to change the image coordinate system: 202560029.
  • Project management
    • Cannot open a project with Korean characters, even if it has been created using the New Project wizard.
      Workaround: rename the .p4d file so that it does not contain Korean characters.
    • When opening a project from an older version which requires to convert the project, the user is asked to either convert the project directly and open it or to make a backup. The loading project progress bar is displayed on top of this window without loading the project and does not allow the user to make a choice.
      1. Cancel the project loading window
      2. Open the project or make a backup. Note: Cancel will automatically convert the project and open it.
  • Processing window
    • Step 2 of the processing window is displayed in red after generating the 3D Textured Mesh in OBJ format with tiled texture.
  • Processing
    • The Map View freezes when running step 1 for large projects.
    • Step 1 is slower for all projects using the Alternative Calibration Method. This impacts projects using the Ag Multispectral, Ag Modified Camera, Ag RGB, Thermal Camera templates.
  • rayCloud
    • Pressing the Shift key with the desired navigation key (e.g. up arrow) does not allow a faster navigation anymore.
      Workaround: Press Shift+Ctrl to navigate faster.


Version 3.1.7

Bug fixes

  • Project creation
    • Fix bug where in some cases it was not possible to create a project from a video. The software displayed an "Exception thrown" error message.
  • Processing
    • Fix bug where step 3 crashed during DSM generation when the DSM Surface Smoothing Type was set to Medium.
  • Quality Report
    • Fix bug where the GCPs were not visible in the XZ and YZ plane of Figure 3 in the Quality Report.


Known issues

  • Volumes
    • Volumes exported in DXF format cannot be imported in AutoCAD.
      1. Drag and drop the .dxf file in QGIS.
      2. Right click in the layer and select Save As...
      3. Make sure the format is AutoCAD DXF and save the document in the desired location.
      4. Click OK.
      5. Open this new .dxf file in AutoCAD.


Version 3.1.5


  • Minor UI improvements

Bug fixes

  • Processing
    • Fix bug where the calibration results were less accurate for some oblique datasets.
    • Fix bug where for some AG-RGB or Thermal datasets step 1 was slower.
    • Fix bug where it was not possible to run step 3 again after step 3 was done. This happened only in the case where the software was not closed before starting step 3 again.
  • Index calculator
    • Fix bug where in some cases radiometric calibration type incompatible with the project data could have been chosen.
    • Fix software crash when opening the Index Calculator for reflectance maps with invalid data.
    • Fix various bugs affecting radiometric calibration and the reflectance map generation.
    • Fix bug where radiometric calibration was not reseted correctly after pressing the Reset button.
    • Fix bug where regions exported in .shp format from the Index Calculator could not be imported.
    • Fix bug where the reflectance map computed using the Gaussian Fast Downsampling Method was not computed correctly anymore. This bug was introduced in version 3.0.7.
  • rayCloud
    • Fix bug where surfaces could not be renamed.


Known issues

  • Project p4d file
    • Any project created in version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 using an Ag template or with the Downsampling Method set to Warp cannot be opened in version 3.1 more than once.
      Workaround: When opening the p4d file the first time in version 2.2, 3.0 or 3.1, in the processing options under 3.DSM, Orthomosaic and Index > Index Calculator use another Downsampling Method than Warp.
  • GCPs
    • When exporting GCPs marks to a .txt file using the French software version, the file name ends with a comma ".txt,".
      Workaround: rename the file by removing the ",".
  • rayCloud
    • When visualizing multiple external point clouds, only the shader of the first point cloud is taken into account for the display.
  • Index Calculator
    • Exported index shape file is not generated correctly. This bug also affects version 3.0.



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