Pix4Dmapper 3.0 Technical Release Notes

Getting Started and Manual (online) (pdf)


Version Release date Release type
3.0.17 November 24, 2016 Bug fix release
3.0.13 for Mac November 2, 2016 New release
3.0.13 October 11, 2016 New release


Version 3.0.17

This release is available for windows only.

Bug fixes

  • Project p4d file
    • Fix bug where any project created in version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 using an Ag template or with the Downsampling Method set to Warp cannot be opened in version 3.1 more than once.
  • Processing
    • Fix bug where step 2 fails at the beginning of the step with the error Cluster generator: could not compute valid scores for this project!. This affects projects with multiple blocks at step 1 processed on computers where the amount of RAM is not sufficient to densify the project at once.
  • Index Calculator
    • Fix bug where the exported index shape file is not generated correctly.
    • Fix bug where multiSpec4C radiometric calibration was not detected correctly.

Known issues

  • Project management
    • Cannot open a project with Korean characters, even if it has been created using the New Project wizard.
      Workaround: rename the .p4d file so that it does not contain Korean characters.


Version 3.0.13 for Mac

The 3.0 beta Mac version is available and can be downloaded here.

Bug fixes

  • Index calculator
    • Fix bug where the software crashed when creating or processing projects with images containing Airinov's calibration target.

Known issues

  • Software crashes or project is not loaded when either right clicking on the p4d file and selecting open with > Pix4Dmapper or when double clicking on the p4d file or when drag and dropping the p4d file.
    Workaround: To open the project, start Pix4Dmapper and in the menu select Project > Open Project....
  • Cannot download a project from the menu Project > Download Project Files... when the default download directory is selected ("/").
    Workaround: select another download directory than the default directory.


Version 3.0.13

What is new

  • New product solutions
    • New product solutions: Pix4Dmapper Pro, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dag, Pix4Dmodel. For more information click here.
  • Processing
    • Point cloud densification is up to 2x faster while preserving quality and density.
  • Index calculator
    • Faster reflectance map generation when using a value higher than the GSD for the resolution and selecting the Gaussian Fast Downsampling Method. For more information: 203891879.
    • New processing options in the options for step 3 > Index Calculator > Radiometric Processing and Calibration that allow to select the radiometric correction type:
      • No Correction
      • Camera Only
      • Camera and Sun Irradiance
      • Camera, Sun Irradiance and Sun Angle

For more information: 203891879.

  • Quality report
    • Display radiometric correction type used.



  • Processing
    • Improve feature extraction for 360° cameras so that more features are extracted on the top and bottom of the images.


Other changes

  • Processing options
    • Discontinue the option in step 2 > Advanced > 3D Textured Mesh Settings > Maximum Number of Triangles per Leaf.
  • Processing area
    • Discontinue the import of the processing area in DXF format.


Known issues

  • Project p4d file
    • Any project created in version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 using an Ag template or with the Downsampling Method set to Warp cannot be opened in version 3.1 more than once.
      Workaround: When opening the p4d file the first time in version 2.2, 3.0 or 3.1, in the processing options under 3.DSM, Orthomosaic and Index > Index Calculator use another Downsampling Method than Warp.
  • GCPs
    • When exporting GCPs marks to a .txt file using the French software version, the file name ends with a comma ".txt,".
      Workaround: rename the file by removing the ",".
  • Index Calculator
    • Exported index shape file is not generated correctly.


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