How to remove Obstacles from the Point Cloud in the rayCloud using the Annotation Tool

If some images are covered by an obstacle seen by different angles, e.g. a scaffold, the obstacle will appear in the Point Cloud, the 3D Textured Mesh and the Orthomosaic. It is possible to annotate the obstacle in the images that it appears to not take it into account for processing so as to remove it from the results. 

To remove an obstacle from the results:

1. Click View > rayCloud.
2. In the section Layers of the left sidebar, select one image that the obstacle appears to be annotated.

Important: All images that are covered by the obstacle should be annotated so that the obstacle is removed from the results. 

3. In the right sidebar, click the Annotation tool button pencil.png.
4. In Annotate, select Mask.
5. Annotate the obstacle in the image, following 202560549(steps 7-13).
6. Repeat steps 2-5 till the obstacle is annotated in all the images that it appears.
7. Make sure that the Use Annotation box is selected in the Processing Options202560549 (step 14).
8. Process step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.

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