How to remove the Background of the Orthoplane using the Annotation Tool


The Orthoplane generates an orthorectified image of the area included in the orthoplane box, i.e. a facade, a slope of a hill etc. However, it can happen that, even though the area of interest is nicely generated, some pixels that should be black since the area they correspond to is not covered by the ortholplane box, they are covered by background information.

Unmasked Orthoplane Masked Orthoplane

In order to improve the visual aspect of an Orthoplane and remove the background information:

1. Process step 1. Initial Processing and step 2. Point cloud and Mesh
2. Click View > rayCloud.
3. In the rayCloud, in the area of the Orthoplane, select one image in which all the background that distorts the Orthoplane is visualized.
4. In the right sidebar, clickto open the Annotation tool.
5. In Annotate, select Mask
6. Hover over the background areas that should not be part of the Orthoplane and use the left click to mark them. For more information: How to Annotate Images in the rayCloud.
7. If there is no image that covers all the background that distorts the Orthoplane, repeat steps 3-6, until all the background of the Orthoplane box is annotated. 
8. Generate the Orthoplane: How to draw a new orthoplane.




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