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Access: On the Menu bar, click View > Volumes, and then click Volumes.


The following options are displayed:


New Volume 

A Volume is an object that can be used for volume calculations. It is defined by a 3D Surface called base surface. The volume is computed between the base surface and the terrain surface, defined by the DSM.

For step by step instructions about how to draw a new volume: How to draw a Volume.

Once a New Volume is created, the Sidebar displays the following information: Menu View > Volumes > Sidebar > Objects.



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  • Marcio Pivovar
  • Paul Mandeno

    Completely Agree Marcio, Virtual Surveyor easily allows your do to do this .... Come on Pix4D

  • Beata (Pix4D)


    Thank you for your feedback; it's precious. I made a note and passed it on to the right people.




  • Connor Kelly

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to manually change the altitude or elevation of a specific mark, maybe but right clicking or middle clicking on it?

  • Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Connor, 

    You can edit the height of the vertices in rayCloud. When the volume is drawn vertices are created as MTPs. These MTPs can be modified to 3D GCPs (Ground Control Points) in the rayCloud view. This enables you to give specific coordinates to each point (z), e.g. based on a previous survey of the area or as a height of the surrounding area.


  • Leo Hebert


    Is there a way to get volumes underneath a conveyor?  It is adding the height of the conveyor to the stack volume, and I only want the dirt volume.


    Thank you for your help with this.

  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hello Leo, 

    You have to remove the conveyor belt using the rayCloud editor, before calculating the volume. There is no option to add the height of the conveyor to the stack volume to only calculate the dirt volume. For more information, I would recommend you to go through our support article on How to remove Objects from a Stockpile for the Volume Computation.

  • Naotaka Toyoda


  • Michino (Pix4D)

    Toyoda 様、コメントありがとうございます。Pix4Dmapperでの体積計算にはDSMと高密度点群の両方が必要ですので、Step3も処理済みかご確認ください。もしよろしければPix4Dサポートへ直接お問い合わせください。





  • Lucía Regla


    Se podría recuperar funcionalidades desaparecidas??.


    En la versión 1 de P4D permitía el exportado de pirámides (mesh) de la porción de lidar cubicada. en esta versión solo permite exportar el "contorno" (superficie de corte a partir de la cual cubica).

    Esta funcionalidad desaparecida permitía generar informes, vistas, secciones y longitudinales de la cubicación realizada con otras herramientas de Autocad-MDT-CIVIL... Si no me tendré que des actualizar.


    Edited by Lucía Regla
  • Holden (Pix4D)

    Hi Lucia. You can request features directly with our developers by posting at the link below. 

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