How to make an RGB Composite in QGIS

To make an RGB composite in QGIS:

1. Open QGIS and click Layer > Add Raster Layer...
2. Browse to the directory with the individual images. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the image files to make a multiple selection. Click Open.
3. Create a single Mosaic image from all these individual images.
4. Click Raster > Miscellaneous > Merge.

Note: To enable the Raster menu in QGIS the core plugin called GdalTools is needed. Enable the GdalToolsplugin from: Plugins > Manage and install plugins > Installed.
QGIS Tutorial:

5 .In the Merge dialog, click Select...
6. In the Input files browse the directory that contains all the individual geotiffs. Hold Ctrl key and select all the subsets.
7. Click Select... next to Output file and name the output.
8. Click OK...

Youtube Tutorial QGIS video working with Multispectral Bands:
Youtube video for Mac:
Youtube video on how to use the SAGA plugin in QGIS:

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