Which thermal cameras are supported by Pix4Dmapper?

Sensors recommendations

In order to have enough visual content in the images for Pix4Dmapper to reconstruct the scene, we recommend:

  • A minimum resolution of 640x480. Smaller sensors (320x256) are not recommended and typically do not calibrate
  • Using a lens with a smaller focal length (9mm) widens the angle and improves the reliability of the mapping, though it is possible to use longer (19mm) focal lengths.

Supported thermal cameras

Recommended integrated solutions that work out of the box include the following cameras:

      • Zenmuse XT and its radiometric version Zenmuse XTR
      • FLIR Vue Pro and its radiometric version FLIR Vue Pro R
      • Tau2-based sensor
        • senseFly ThermoMAP, recording absolute temperature. The dedicated processing template ThermoMAP camera should be used to process senseFly ThermoMAP images with Pix4Dmapper. For more information: 205319155
        • Aeryon labs FLIR board
        • Workswell WIRIS 2nd Gen 640.

Other custom integrations based on FLIR Vue Pro or Tau2 sensors are also supported, but depending on the integrator, the image geolocation and EXIF metadata may not be implemented. For more information about custom integration: 208592186.

Note: When creating a project with one of these supported cameras, make sure the Pixel Size and the Focal Length values are correctly set. In our experience, a pixel size of 17 μm is most of the time recommended, however, please double check this value with your camera manufacturer. For step by step instructions about how to modify the camera model: 202560169

Radiometric thermal cameras

Cameras labeled "R" are radiometrically calibrated. Using such cameras enables the capture of absolute temperature in every pixel of an image.

FLIR Vue Pro R and Zenmuse XTR are both radiometric versions that do record absolute temperature. They save their images in RJPG (radiometric JPG) format: a .jpg image with temperature data embedded in every pixel. For more information about RJPG: 208592186.


For more information about thermal cameras and thermal projects: 208592186.

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