How to process Sequoia imagery

Imagery taken with Sequoia will be automatically recognized since the camera is in the Pix4Dmapper camera database. RGB images should be processed in a different project. 


Processing discrete band imagery

  1. Create a new project: 202557369.
  2. Import all discrete band imagery (green, red, rededge and NIR imagery) from the flight. This includes the images of the calibration target. 
  3. In the Edit Camera Model window, ensure the Global Shutter model is selected: 202560169.
  4. Choose the Ag Multispectral processing template: 204619819.
  5. The radiometric calibration target data will be used automatically if the following conditions are all satisfied:
    • Version 2.2 or newer of the Pix4D desktop software is used.
    • Firmware version 1.1 or newer of Sequoia is used.
    • The calibration images were taken by using the Calibrate button in the settings of Sequoia. This can be done either by connecting to Sequoia via wifi to change the settings (see the Sequoia user manual) or via the eMotion software if the Sequoia is used with a senseFly drone. 
  6. If the radiometric calibration target data is not detected automatically, this process can still be done manually: 203891879. In this case, it is possible to disable the images of the calibration target in the Image Properties Editor in order to remove them from the reconstruction. 
  7. In both cases, if a radiometric calibration target is used, it is recommended to make sure that the radiometric target data is taken into account by ensuring the symbol in the Processing Options is a green checkmark: 203891879.
  8. Start processing.


Processing RGB images

  1. Create a new project: 202557369.
  2. Import all the RGB images in the same project.
  3. If the flight plan is linear, ensure the Linear Rolling Shutter model is selected: 208460436.
  4. Choose the Ag RGB processing template: 204619819.
  5. Start processing.
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