How to process Sequoia imagery

Imagery captured with Parrot Sequoia camera is automatically recognized by the software since the camera is in Pix4Dmapper camera database.

Important: Multispectral and RGB images of Sequoia should be processed in two different projects on Pix4D Desktop.

Processing Sequoia multispectral imagery

1. Create a new project: 202557309.
2. Import all discrete band imagery (green, red, rededge and NIR imagery) from the flight. This includes the images of the calibration target.
3. Choose the Ag Multispectral processing template: 115002495586.
4. The radiometric calibration target images can be automatically detected and used by the software in certain conditions. For more information: 206494883.
5. If the radiometric calibration target data is not detected automatically, this process can still be done manually. For more information: 206494883.
6. Select the radiometric correction options corresponding to the device configuration you used to fly. For more information: 202559509.
7. Start processing.

Processing Sequoia RGB images

1. Create a new project: 202557309.
2. Import all the RGB images in the same project.
3. If the flight plan is linear, ensure the Linear Rolling Shutter model is selected: 208460436.
4. Choose the Ag RGB processing template: 205319155.
5. Start processing.

Processing Sequoia+ with its targetless radiometric calibration

Note: Targetless calibration with Parrot Sequoia+ is now available, starting with Pix4D Desktop 4.2.25.

The usage of a radiometric calibration target is not necessary with the targetless radiometric calibration of Parrot's Sequoia+. However, in order to use the targetless radiometric calibration of Sequoia+, the file sequoia_therm.dat is required. This file is generated automatically for each flight, is unique to each Sequoia+ and can be found for each set of images in the folder where the images are stored during the acquisition mission.

Important: The file sequoia_therm.dat, is generated by Sequoia+ and must be stored in the same folder as the original images.

To process a project with Sequoia+:

1. Create a new Pix4D Desktop project: 202557309.
2. Import your multispectral images, i.e. Green, Red, Red Edge, and NIR.
3. Click Next.
4. Select the Ag Multispectral processing template: 205319155.
5. Select the radiometric correction according to the lighting conditions when the images were captured: 203891879.

5.1. Camera, Sun Irradiance and Sun angle for clear skies
5.2. Camera and Sun Irradiance for overcast skies.

6. Start processing.

Information: Pix4D Cloud does not support targetless radiometric calibration at this time.
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