How to edit a Volume


If the volume drawn is not accurate, it is possible to correct the position of the vertices:


Using the 3D View of the Volumes view (less accurate):

1. Click View > Volumes, to open the Volumes view.

2. In the 3D View, click the vertex to select it.
3. Click again the vertex and drag and drop it to its new position.

Note: When moving a vertex, the associated MTPs in the rayCloud are also moved. 


Using the right sidebar of the rayCloud (more accurate):

Important: When a vertex has been edited by marking it on the Images section of the right sidebar of the rayCloud, it is not possible to edit again the vertex using the 3D View.

1. Click View > rayCloud to open the rayCloud view.

2. In the 3D View, click the vertex to select it.
3. In the Images section of the right sidebar, zoom in/out of the images to better see the position of the vertex using the scroll wheel of the mouse (moving forwards to zoom in and backwards to zoom out) and pan using the left click of the mouse.
4. Left click to mark the vertex on the images. Mark the vertex on at least 2 images. 

  • A green cross represents the projection of the corresponding 3D vertex.
  • A yellow cross represents the edited/marked vertex in the image.


Before the correction After the correction

5. Click Apply.
6. The 3D position of the vertex and the associated Manual Tie Point is corrected in the 3D View of the rayCloud and the Volumes view.

Note: A Manual Tie Point is associated to each vertex of the Object. Each vertex that is marked on at least two images is taken into account if step 1. Initial Processing is processed again or if the reconstruction is reoptimized.


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