Using the Volumes

The use of the Volumes is optional and it can be used to:

  • Draw and visualize volumes.
  • Measure volumes.
  • Import and export the volumes.
Note: It is possible to open the Volumes view only when both the point cloud and the DSM are generated.

More information:

  • Volumes manual: Full description of the different features: 210219463.

Articles about how to use the Volumes:

  • How to draw a volume: 202560319.
  • How to import a volume: 204836569.
  • How to export a volume: 211245943.
  • How to edit a volume: 209323406.
  • How to update a volume after editing the point cloud: 209544746.
  • How to select the base surface of a volume: 217114246.
  • How to remove objects from a stockpile for the volume computation: 218022903.
  • More information about the measures acquired: 208652926.

When creating volumes in the Volumes they are stored in the .p4d project file. 

The volumes can also be exported in various file formats: 211245943.

The measures computed for the volumes can be copied to clipboard to be pasted in a spreadsheet or a text editor: 208652926

Note: Some functions of the rayCloud are also available in Volumes:
  • It is possible to export the Point Cloud: 202558049.
  • It is possible to edit the Point Cloud: 202560499.
  • It is possible to export the 3D Textured Mesh: 202558079.

For more information about the project folder structure: 202558649.


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