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Project list / How to use the Project List (Android) - PIX4Dcapture

The Project List manages flight projects before and after flying missions. It allows to:

  • Plan and save several missions directly on the field or in advance.
  • Create new missions and projects from scratch or from previous flights.
  • Download the images from the drone to the device.
  • Upload the mission from the device to the cloud.

The Project List is accessible from the Home screen.


Project List screen

It is possible to:

  • Create a new project by tappingplus.png.
  • Press and hold to select a project. Several options appear on the toolbar:


    • ALL: Selects all projects. This can be used to delete several projects at a time. Several projects can be selected individually.
    • RENAME: Changes the name of the project.
    • DUPLICATE: Creates a copy of the project with the same missions.
    • DELETE: Removes the project(s) from the device.
    • arrow_left.png: Exits the selection mode.

The project status is displayed with a specific icon. It corresponds to the status of the mission(s) that is (are) the least advanced within that project. There are four cases:

One mission was planned and saved but has not been flown yet.
One mission was flown but the captured images are only saved on the drone, they were not downloaded.
The .p4d file was generated and the images were copied to the device for one mission.
All missions in the project were transferred to the cloud meaning both the images and the .p4d files were successfully uploaded.

For more information about the post-flight actions and .p4d file: Synchronization and Upload / How to synchronize and upload a mission to the Pix4D Cloud, (Android, iOS) Is the .p4d file required for processing?.

After selecting a project, the Project view displays all the missions it contains or only the background if the project is newly created. Note that missions of different type (grid, circular or free flight) can be part of the same project.

Project view: Map and options panel


There are two buttons for post-flight actions, which are green if they can be tapped, otherwise they remain grayed out.

  • Download images (70/100): The entire project contains 100 images, but only 70 images were downloaded.
  • Upload images (40/100): The entire project contains 100 images, but only 40 images were uploaded out of the 70.
Note: A .p4d file is created for each mission individually when downloading the images. However, a global .p4d file is generated, uploaded on the cloud and used for processing. The .p4d file of each mission can still be extracted from the mission folder when connecting the mobile device to a computer. For more information: (Android, iOS) How to transfer and process images after the mission.
Important: All missions within a project can only be processed on the cloud (as a single project) if:
  • All images of each mission were downloaded from the drone to the device.
  • All images of each mission were uploaded from the device to the cloud.

If the project is empty, it is possible to:

  • Create a new mission by tapping plus.png. If the Grid Mission, Double Grid Mission, or the Circular Mission is selected, a new flight with the default settings is generated. After adjusting the mission, tap Save to store it in the corresponding project of the Project List.

If the project is not empty, it is possible to manage the different missions that have already been flown (displayed with stripes) and those that were only planned. It is always possible to create additional flights. There are two ways to select a mission:

  • Tap the tab (MISSION 1, MISSION 2, etc.).
  • Tap the flight displayed on the base map (grey area).

Selecting a mission allows to:

  • Create a new mission by tapping plus.png. By default, a copy of the flight that is currently selected is generated if the same type of mission is selected. To plan a mission from scratch, tap Reset. Tap Save to include the new mission into the project.
  • Start flying a mission that was previously planned, saved but not flown yet, by tapping Open.
  • Delete a mission by tapping Delete.
  • See the flight details of a mission by tapping Info.

  • Select an image to display it full screen and to zoom in. After downloading the images, thumbnails are displayed on the right sidebar where it is possible to scroll them. The location of the image having the camera icon camera_green.png is highlighted on the flight track of the mission.


view: Toolbar

Besides the project's name, several icons are displayed at the top:

The menubu_menu.pnghas several options: