How to update the NVIDIA graphic card


The following procedure applies to Windows computer.

1. On the left end of the task bar, click the Windows Start icon and type Control Panel.
2. Depending on the window that opens:

      • In the Control Panel window, select Hardware and Sound and click NVIDIA Control Panel.
      • In the All Control Panel Items window, click NVIDIA Control Panel.

3. In the application, click System Information at the bottom.
4. Select the tab Display.
5. Check the GPU in Items list and the number of the Driver version.


6. Go to the NVIDIA's page to download drivers.
7. Select the specs of the GPU and click SEARCH
8. Check the Version and if it is newer than the one currently installed, click DOWNLOAD.
9. Run the .exe file and follow the instruction to upgrade the driver.
10. Restart the computer.


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